IRROMETER Company Introduces their IRROmesh Wireless Solar Powered Data Logging System

December 2013 - IRROMETER Company of Riverside, CA, has released its NEW Solar Powered IRROmesh System for the agricultural market. IRROmesh simplifies irrigation management for precision farming like never before.  Solar powered nodes "talk" to each other, relaying critical data for site-specific irrigation management. This self-initializing, self-routing and self-healing mesh radio incorporates IRROMETER's popular WATERMARK Soil Moisture Sensors and can transmit to the web for cost effective and convenient 24/7 data access.

This system was developed in conjunction with iDUS Controls, Ltd., an intellectual property-based technology company.

Together with their 900 Monitor Series, the IRROMETER Company offers simple solutions for data monitoring and irrigation management all over the world.

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