INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Wood-Mizer Products Incorporated, the world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, has released the new MP100 Moulder/Planer for further shaping and finishing cants, beams, and columns. This product is an ideal tool for woodworkers and log home builders.

The MP100 can mould or plane material up to 20.5” wide and up to 23.5” tall. The maximum moulding width is 16”. The MP100 package is currently only $6,895 and includes the MP100 head, four flat knives, the standard bed length of 17’8” (extensions available), two log clamps, and two profile clamps.

In order to mould beams, various profile knives can be purchased to produce different moulding options, and simply slide and lock into place. The Combo Knife Set includes the Tongue and Grove knife set, a D-face knife set, and 16 knife clamps. The Deluxe Knife Set includes all the knife profiles from the Combo set, plus the Swedish Cope knife set. The Deluxe Set gives you the ability to mould all the shapes shown below.

Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill owners can purchase the MP100 head and mast only, and mount it right on their LT15. By using the LT15 and MP100 together, a log can be milled and planed or moulded without leaving the bed. Existing customers can add the MP100 head assembly to an existing LT15 sawmill bed, the price for the MP100 head is as little as $4,495. Call or visit for more details and watch the video at

Wood-Mizer, founded in 1982, is the leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills and offers an extensive line of portable and industrial mills, blades, resaws, and edgers covering a wide range of cutting capabilities. The company has sold more than 50,000 sawmills worldwide. For more information about Wood-Mizer Products, call 800.553.0182 or visit  

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