Where to find our exhibitors

This is a list of the companies that have purchased booths to display their products at the Idaho Irrigation Equipment Show & Conference, which will be Jan. 7, 2016 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Nampa Civic Center, 311 Third Street South, Nampa, Idaho.

#1 BA Fischer Sales Co. Inc.: Aqua Burst sprinklers, Archer butterfly valves, Dragon filters, Xgate canal gates.

#2 BD Sales & Supply: Specified Fittings (PVC & HDPE pipe fittings), Universal Sales, Irripod, Sparling flow meters.

#3 Cornell Pump Co.: Agricultural pumps.

#4-5 Valmont Industries and Interwest Supply, Inc: Valley Pivot, K-Line North America.

#6 RG Sales: Dura Plastic Products, Firestone PondGard and Commercial Geomembranes, Kasco Marine Fountains and Aeration Systems, Typar Geosynthetics.

#7 Weather Tec: Brass Impact sprinklers and micro-irrigation product information.

#8 JM Eagle: JM Eagle PVC and HDPE plastic pipe. Eagle-Corr drain pipe.

#9 Frank J Martin Co.: “NDS: WE Put Water in its Place,” Kupferle, A.R.I. USA Inc.

#10 Industrial Electric Motor Service Inc.: Baldor, Aurora and Marathon electric motors.

#11 AgSense: Field Commander, Commander VP.

#12 Mitchell Lewis & Staver: Pumps, motors, controls, Berkeley pumps, Danfoss drives.

#13 Rain Bird: Rain Bird agricultural and landscape products.

#14 Komet Irrigation Corp.: Komet innovative irrigation products.

#15 Sprinkler Supply of Idaho: Irritrol products.

#16-17 G&S Sales: Action, Lasco, Milwaukee, Old Castle Precast, Cresline NW, IPS Weld-on, King Innovation, Legend, Universal Lighting.

#18 Pentair: Berkeley, Fairbanks Nijhuis.

#19 Water Logic Technologies: Watertronics Pump Stations, VAF Filtration Systems, Omni-Enviro Water Conditioning, Leemco Mainline Fittings and Valves, Badger Meter

#20 T-L Irrigation Co.: T-L Irrigation Co. irrigation products.

#21 Clemons Sales: Irrigation filters, sand separators, self-cleaning suction screens, check valves, special fabrication. steel pipe fittings.

#22 Naco: Molded PIP and bolt couplers.

#23 Franklin Electric: FPS irrigation pump products, pivot boosters, submersible turbines, centrifugal pumps and controls.

#24 Silver Creek Supply: Irrigation, hardscapes, ponds, lighting.

#25: PivoTrac Monitoring: PivoTrac Monitoring — canal and pivot monitoring and controls.

#26: Matco-Norca: Valves, fittings and nipples.

#27: Toro: Toro irrigation products.

#28: Clearwater Supply: Toro, Rivulis, Nelson, AgSense, Fresno, CH2O.

#29-30: Nelson Irrigation Corp.: The R3030 with the all new 3NV nozzle system, End Sprinkler, TWIG Wireless Control System.

#31 Irrigation Components International: Seametrics flow meters, Prysmian/Draka pivot wire, UMC Products and Durst gear boxes and center drives.

#32 Control Components Northwest and Dykman Electrical: Yaskawa variable frequency drives, Banner wireless sensor network, Red Lion remote data displays, Turck Pressure.

#33 Senninger Irrigation: Senninger sprinklers, spray nozzles and pressure regulators.

#34 Sprinkler Head Rebuilders: Rebuilt sprinklers — Nelson, Rain Bird, Weather Tec.

#35 Droplet Irrigation: T-L Pivots, AgSense Automation, Komet sprinklers, Jain drip irrigation.

#36 Snake River Sales: E-Z Weld products.

#37-38: Robertson Supply Inc. and The Pump House: PACO, Grundfos, Peerless, Wolf Pump, American Marsh, GE & Baldor.

#39 Pipeco: Rain Bird, Hunter, gated pipe fittings/valves.

#40-41 Rain For Rent: Reinke pivots, aluminum pipe, pumps.

#42 Bermad Inc: Control valves, air vents, Automation Control products, filters.

#43 Hunter Industries: Rotors, spray bodies and nozzles, MP Rotators, controllers, valves, micro irrigation, irrigation sensors and irrigation tools.

#44 Travis Pattern/Wade’Rain: Wade’Rain Poweroll; Western Wheel Lines; Rainway, A&M, Western and Felton fittings; Bolt-Tite & Epoxy underground fittings.

#45: Spears Manufacturing Co.: Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC fittings and valves, Ever Tuff turf fittings, Fab fittings, PVC cements and primers.

#46 Branom Instrument Co.: Siemens, Thermo Scientific, WIKA Instrument.

#47 Idaho Power Co.: Irrigation programs.

#48 Energy Management Corp.: Electrical motors, generators, variable frequency drives.

#49 Agri-Lines Irrigation: Zimmatic.

#50 Precision Pumping Systems: VFD/PLC panels, pumping system automation, and remote monitoring packages.

#51 Fresno Valves & Castings: Valves and fittings.

#52 Navigator: Valves and pipe turners.

#53 Buckner Superior: Brass impact sprinklers, electric valves, controllers.

#54-55: XCAD USA: Aqua Burst, X-Gate, Pressure Guard, Thunderbolt End Gun, Black Max, XCAD USA.

#56-57: Mountain West Marketing: V-Rain Sprinkler, Seymour Midwest Tools, Val Plastics.

#58 Krause K Box, Inc.: K Box and Bubble Screen.

#59 Rivulis Irrigation: T-tape.

#60 Inman Interwest: Amiad Filters, Marco Fitting, Wilkins Backflows.

#61 Harco Fittings: PVC fittings.

#62 Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission: Low interest soil and water conservation loans.

#63: Jain Irrigation: Chapin drip tape, Power-Loc and Tape-Loc fittings, Amnon emitter line.

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