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Nearly $1 million in matching grants have been approved by the Idaho Water Resource Board.

The Idaho Water Resource Board has approved 10 flood-management grants totaling $980,936.

The money can be used to repair or improve stream channels, and reduce or help prevent flooding. A 50% match is required.

2021 recipients are:

• North Side Canal Co., Red Bridge Flood Management Storage Pond, $200,000 for design, permitting and construction. Build 185-acre-foot flood management reservoir adjacent to main canal near Jerome. Total cost: $864,000.

• Reid Canal Co., $200,000, finish first phase of replacing Bannock Feeder Canal headgate. Make levee more resistant to failure, overtopping during floods. Enable controlled diversion of flood flows around levee to reduce levels in eastern Idaho’s South Fork Snake. Canal delivers to several canal companies. Total cost of first phase: $429,266.29.R

• Clearwater Soil & Water Conservation District Swanson’s Loop culvert replacements, $200,000. Replace two deteriorated, undersized culverts in Class 1 fishery streams near town of Headquarters, 35 small culverts in tributaries and cross drains. Reduce risk of flooding and road failure. Total cost: $409,487.

• Flood District 9, Bellevue Side Channel, $111,508. Reconnect side channels and floodplain habitat away from homes and Diversion 45 irrigation canal. Reduce residential flood risk and property damage, stabilize Big Wood River banks. Total cost: $284,033.

• Nez Perce County-Nez Perce Soil & Water Conservation District, Tom Beall Creek bank, channel improvements to 100-foot segment, $100,000. Allow adequate passage of spring flows. Reduce potential erosion damage from future high-flow events. Total cost: $227,176.

• Lewis Soil & Water Conservation District in partnership with Evergreen Highway District, $71,909 to repair failing culvert on Tiede Road near Winchester. Reduce risk of culvert, road damage. Reduce sediment input to Rock Creek. Total cost: $144,118.

• Clearwater Soil & Water Conservation District Heywood Bridge, $37,475. Replace substandard, deteriorated culvert, near Weippe, with modular steel bridge to reduce risk of culvert, road failure impacts. Total cost: $75,117.

• Idaho County Soil & Water Conservation District, $36,061, repair flood-damaged bridge abutment, downstream bank on Clear Creek near Kooskia. Reduce flood risk, sedimentation. Total cost: $73,904.

• Adams Soil & Water Conservation District Grays Creek culvert replacement northeast of Indian Valley, $17,606.40. Reduce flood risk. Total cost: $35,728.

• Twin Lakes Flood Control District 17 Rathdrum Creek Debris Project, $6,375. Reduce obstruction of natural flow on 2,000-foot segment near Rathdrum. Total cost: $12,750.

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