SEATTLE (AP) -- Federal prosecutors have filed charges against a Washington state organic herb farm for hiring and harboring illegal immigrants.

Prosecutors filed charges last week against Duvall, Wash.-based HerbCo International, Inc., which commands several farms across the United States.

Three charges were filed, saying the company "harbored, concealed and shielded" a Mexican citizen unauthorized to work in the country in order for the company to benefit.

No more details were available from the court documents.

HerbCo's attorney, Geoffrey George Revelle, declined to comment on the pending case.

During the past few years U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under the guide of the Obama Administration, has targeted companies that hire illegal immigrants, serving audits to thousands of companies across the country.

ICE spokesman Andrew Munoz says when more details come out, it will be very clear why agents took action.

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