Variable transmission at heart of Puma

Case IH Case IH has extended its Puma line of tractors to include four new models. With a shorter wheelbase and equipped with a 6.75-liter engine, Power Shift transmission with the Auto-ShiftÂȘ system and the SurroundVision cab, the Puma is the ultimate multi-purpose workhorse.

Tractor comes in horsepower ratings from 165 to 225


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DAYTON, Ore. - Two new pieces of Case IH equipment were center stage at the recent Case IH Tillage Field Days.

The first was the Puma 210 (HP) tractor with continuously variable transmission.

The other was Case IH's new Ecolo-Tiger 870.

One of several tractors in the Puma 165-225 series, the Puma 210 is all about efficiency.

With nine models ranging in PTO horsepower from 95 to 195, the tractors offer the right size and power for a wide range of operations.

According to company literature, "The Puma tractors' outstanding weight-to-horsepower ratio delivers the precise power (needed) for peak efficiency and fuel economy."

One of the chief Puma selling points is the continuously variable transmission (standard on the Puma 225 and optional on the other four models in the series), which features fuel efficiency and easy-to-understand operator controls. The Puma tractor cab offers operators "unsurpassed sight lines, with 63 square feet of glass, ergonomic controls and operator-friendly features."

Inside the Puma, six key tractor functions are built into the control handle for fingertip response. All other key functions are within range of the operator's forearm in the armrest for instant access.

The design includes an optional integrated electro-hydraulic joystick for ergonomic loader operations. What's more, the front right instrument cluster keeps important operating information within the operator's normal line of site.

The Puma series brings to agriculture a new generation of transmission designed especially for North American growers.

The drive train combines the seamless speed variability of a hydrostatic transmission with the mechanical efficiency of a traditional gear-on-gear transmission.

With the continuously variable transmission, tractor speeds range all the way from creep speeds of 98 feet per hour to 31 miles per hour.

Even when the tractor is standing still, the transmission is still in control. The ActiveStop feature holds the tractor and load perfectly stationary, even on steep grades, and allows implement hook-ups without having to use the clutch or the brakes. Puma tractors match axle options to match different terrains, conditions and tasks.

The new optional Smart Suspension MFD front-axle technology offers enhanced stability and less vibration. Front tires are kept in contact with the ground for up to 15 percent better traction, improved steering control and operator comfort.

According to company literature, "Puma tractors lead the industry with tighter, easier turns for less operator fatigue and top productivity."

The Puma series is powered by the new generation Case IH 411-cubic-inch, 6.75-liter engine that features good fuel economy, improved performance, low emissions and reduced noise levels.

The Puma tractor hitch and PTO system provide versatility and the capacity to handle a range of large mounted implements for maximum lift and convenient operation.

The standard soft-start PTO provides smooth start-up, even with high-torque equipment and high-inertia loads to minimize stress on drivelines.

The auto PTO management option automatically turns the PTO on and off at a predetermined height of the three-point hitch. This reduces operator effort and protects PTO driveline components during headland turns.

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