A major California-based farm supply company is suing a precision agriculture company over trademark infringement.

The Wilbur-Ellis Co., an agri-business firm based in San Francisco, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Ag Leader Technology of Ames, Iowa, violated its "Integra" trademark.

While Wilbur-Ellis uses this trademark for seeds, Ag Leader has adopted the same moniker for "closely related and complementary products, namely electronic products used to regulate and monitor the planting of seed," the complaint said.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against Ag Leader's continued use of the trademark, monetary damages for the alleged infringement and compensation for attorney fees.

According to the complaint, Ag Leader has repeatedly rebuffed Wilbur-Ellis' requests to voluntarily stop using the brand.

A spokesperson for Ag Leader said an attorney has advised the company not to speak publicly about the case.

-- Mateusz Perkowski

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