Idaho wildfires

Boise National Forest managers plan 13 controlled burns in the coming months.

Managers of the Boise National Forest say they plan to conduct fuel-reducing prescribed fires at 13 sites totaling 3,000 acres.

The burns are slated through June as conditions allow, according to a news release. By ranger district, the sites are:

Idaho City

• Alder (261 acres) Three miles north of Placerville.

• Alder Ridge (100 acres): A mile north of Placerville.

• Amber (300 acres): Two miles east of Idaho City.

• Amber North (276 acres): Four miles southeast of Idaho City.

• Buckskin (200 acres): About three miles east of Idaho City.

• Little Ophir (100 acres): Four miles west of Pioneerville.

•Little Ophir WUI (130 acres): Mile and a half northeast of Centerville.

• Mores South-Granite Creek (50 acres): Three miles east of Idaho City. 

• Mores South-Switchback (112 acres): Five miles southeast of Idaho City in Granite Creek drainage.


• Horsethief (180 acres): About one mile east-northeast of Horsethief Reservoir. 

• Westside Restoration Unit 39 (25 acres): About 10 miles west of Cascade, on National Forest System Road 435 along West Mountain.


• West Lowman WUI (650 acres): About two miles northeast of Crouch.


• Lodgepole Springs Underburn (585 acres): About 14 miles north of Crouch.

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