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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California's unemployment rate nearly tripled to 15.5% in April as the nation's most populous state lost more jobs in one month than it did during the Great Recession…


BOISE, Idaho (AP) — An 18-square-mile forest project approved by the U.S. Forest Service in northern Idaho harms wildlife, two environmental groups say, and they have filed a lawsuit to stop it.


Gov. Kate Brown announced Thursday morning that most Oregon counties will be allowed to take the first step toward lifting emergency limits on activity put in place since March by the COVID-19…


The Oregon Department of Forestry declared fire season May 1 in the agency's Southwest Oregon District, covering 1.8 million acres of state-protected lands in Jackson and Josephine counties.


A nationwide legal precedent concerning a rare Southern frog has helped convince federal wildlife managers to re-evaluate the “critical habitat” for the threatened Northern spotted owl.

Three environmental groups announced Tuesday they intend to sue the Trump administration seeking endangered species protections for increasingly fragmented populations of red tree voles living…

Going from a manufacturer of “commodity plywood” to “mass plywood panels” has forced the Freres Lumber Co. to alter its mindset.


A judge will not order a new trial or overrule a jury’s verdict awarding $1 billion to local governments that sued Oregon over logging restrictions on state forestlands.

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Timber Unity debuted in Washington's capital Monday morning, as dozens of log trucks parked on the Capitol Campus before sunrise, their drivers and passengers ramped up to testify against a cl…

Though not as immediately devastating as wildfires, slowed growth rates nonetheless pose a grave threat to Western Oregon’s commercial timber operations, experts say.


OLYMPIA — Washington Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz said Feb. 20 that 100,000 acres of fire-prone forests should be thinned annually in Central and Eastern Washington, a project she said will…

Ponderosa is a fire-tolerant species and in the absence of regular intervals of wildfire, stands grow too dense for ample sunlight to reach fruiting shrubs.

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Beginning at 7 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 6, Timber Unity will organize a procession of logging trucks that will converge on Salem during the legislative session.

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VANCOUVER, Wash. — Log markets probably won’t fluctuate as wildly in 2020 as during the past few years, but the Northwest timber industry can expect political volatility, experts say.

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Angelita Sanchez’s message was loud and clear when she spoke about the renewed effort in the Oregon Legislature to pass a cap-and-trade bill. “We’re fed up,” she said.

With the current concern land managers have for the health of their land and the desire to promote carbon sequestration, silvopasture offers a means to regenerate degraded, less healthy land.

Thomas DeLuca, who currently serves as dean of the University of Montana's College of Forestry and Conservation, has been named dean of the Oregon State University College of Forestry.

SALEM — Gov. Kate Brown’s Council on Wildfire Response on Tuesday released recommendations on how to spend $4 billion it says is need to improve the state’s response to catastrophic wildfires.