The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy is coordinating 12 projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the industry. Some of the projects are:

* Dairy Feed Systems focuses on nutrient management techniques used to produce grains and forages on dairy farms.

* The Farm Energy Audit Program educates dairy producers on the benefits of energy efficiency and energy audits.

* Cow of the Future aims to reduce enteric methane, the single largest component of the dairy industry's carbon footprint, by accelerating identification and adoption of innovative practices and technologies.

* Dairy Underground assesses the viability of turning digester-generated methane into marketable energy, starting with a pilot program on a cluster of California farms. It also explores various technology options for reducing operational costs.

* Dairy Power addresses barriers to methane digester adoption by coordinating industry efforts to shape government regulation. It is also conducting a market assessment to identify and prioritize regions with the greatest opportunity for digester adoption.

* Dairy Processing Carbon through Energy Efficiency promotes identification and adoption of energy-efficient practices in milk-processing plants.

* Non-Thermal UV Processing measures the commercial viability of non-thermal UV technology as an alternative, energy-efficient method to heat-based pasteurization.

* Next Generation Clean-In-Place assesses reduced-temperature CIP technologies that have potential to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions for processors.

* Dairy Delivery Systems Life Cycle Assessment assesses the environmental impact of existing and emerging packaging formats and processing technologies for fluid milk products.

* Environmentally Sustainable Methods for Achieving Responsible Transportation supports adoption of fuel-efficient transportation and distribution practices throughout the dairy industry.

* Financial Resources provides coordination for identifying and securing funding sources for greenhouse-gas-reduction projects.

* Common Voice supports the roadmap strategies and creates awareness of the greenhouse gas reduction goals, projects, best practices and results.

-- Carol Ryan Dumas

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