Salmon FFA Chapter Hosts Horse Judging Clinic

<p><strong><span style="font-size: 10.5pt; color: black; font-family: 'times new roman', serif;">FIRST PLACE TEAM </span></strong><span style="font-size: 10.5pt; font-family: 'times new roman', serif;">&nbsp;Salmon Idaho FFA Chapter. Standing with certificate and plaque (left to right) are BreAnna Olson, Erin Hurley treasurer, Colton Blomberg and Sarah Spain secretary</span></p>

Salmon FFA Chapter hosts horse

judging clinic at indoor riding arena

by Kellsie Hodges Salmon

FFA Chapter Reporter

The Salmon FFA Chapter hosted a

horse judging clinic February 25 at

the Whitewater Therapeutic Riding


Several Idaho chapters were in attendance

including W est Jefferson,

Rigby, North Fremont and South Fremont.

It has been over 15 years since

the Salmon Chapter has held a horse

judging clinic.

The top three placing teams were

Salmon with 1,262 points, Rigby

(team one) with 1,221 points and

Rigby (team two) with 1,218 points.

The teams received a colorful certificate

and a plaque of achievement.

High placing individuals were JW

Hartwell, 431 points from the Ribgy

Chapter, BreAnna Olson, 425 points

and Erin Hurley 421 points both from

the Salmon Chapter. These individuals

received a trophy.

There were eight classes of

horses: aged mares, aged geldings,

draft, foxtrotters, English pleasure,

W estern pleasure, reining and trail.

Judges were Squeak Barslou, Suzanne

Nebeker, Dr. Sid Hayden and June

Playfair serving as the judge’sscribe.

Members of the community that

handled horses were Mary Logan,

Jeff Cooper, Hollis Ellis, Katey

Gutman, Susan Dudasik, Shannon

W illiams, Charlie W illiams, Elizabeth

(Buff) Olson, Robin Kramer,

Angie Hurley and Dean Shiner. Kim

Olson was also present at the show

to take pictures of the horses. Salmon

Chapter Advisor Katie Cooper also

video taped some performances.

The pictures and videos were used

later when the judges gave their reasons

for placing the classes.

After all classes had been judged

members made their way to the high

school where lunch was provided by

Janet Nelson and Sandra Toynbee.

Soon after lunch, members were

divided between judges and oral reasons

were given for the aged mares

class and the W estern pleasure class.

Reasons are a part of the competition

where members tell a judge why they

placed the class of four horses the

way they did. Reason judges were

“Buff” Olson, Logan, J. Cooper,

Kramer,S. W illiams,C. W illiams,Dr.

John Hall and Lisa Johnson.

Members were scored on how accurately

they placed the classes and

they were also scored on giving reasons.

Judges then broke down each class

into the top and bottom pairs and explained

why they placed each class.

Salmon Advisor K. Cooper said, “I

was very pleased with how the event

went. It was the first CDE Salmon has

had the opportunity to host for quite

a few years and it was nice to be able

todothat. Any time we can offerour

students hands on education that give

them viable skills that transfer over

to life after high school is a rewarding


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