ONTARIO, Ore. (AP) -- A noxious weed with the menacing name "Rush Skeleton" has been making an appearance in eastern Oregon farms.

Malheur County officials told the Argus-Observer newspaper in Ontario that natural resource agencies have been fighting to control the Rush Skeleton weed, mostly on rangeland.

But its appearance in farmland has Malheur County weed inspector Gary Page and the county Weed Board concerned about getting control of the nuisance plant.

They do not look alike, but Rush Skeleton weed is closely related to the dandelion, with tiny seeds that can travel up to 50 miles and are spread mostly by the wind.

Page said there are herbicides to control it, but with a long residual life, those chemicals can limit row crops such as potatoes and wheat for a period of time.


Information from: Argus Observer, http://www.argusobserver.com

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