SALEM, Ore. — Twenty Oregon farms and ranches were honored for their longevity last weekend at the Oregon State Fair.

Fifteen families from across the state received recognition for operating Century farms or ranches, and five received Sesquicentennial  honors for 150 years of continuous operation.

With this year's honorees, the total number of Oregon Century Farms and Ranches is 1,227 and Sesquicentennial Farms and Ranches is 46, according to the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program.

The Century Farm and Ranch families honored this year were:

• Schrepel Family: Founded in Washington County in 1919 by Oliver Schrepel. Applicant  is Mark Schrepel.

• Saunders Ranch: Founded in Baker County in 1915 by George G.B. Saunders. Applicant is Walter S. Saunders Jr.

• Box T Ranch: Founded in Grant County in 1915 by John and Margaret Masson. Applicant is Roger and Meredith Ediger.

• Phillips Pioneer Farm: Founded in Polk County in 1894 by E.C. Keyt and George Washington Myer. Applicant is Kathryn Phillips.

• Wilfred Hamann Farm: Founded in Union County in 1918 by Arthur Hamann. Applicant is Wilfred Hamann.

• Klann Farms: Founded in Jefferson County in 1905 by Seth Leulling. Applicant is Klann Farms-The Klann Family (Seth Klann).

• Kaser Family Farm: Founded in Wasco County in 1913 by Julius Kaser. Applicant is Phillip Kaser.

• Ellett’s Green Ridge Tree Farm: Founded in Wasco County in 1919 by C.E. and Iva Belden. Applicant is Fritz Ellett.

• 27 Bar Ranch: Founded in Jefferson County in 1917 by William (Bill) Nartz in 1917. Applicant is James Nartz.

• Doz Ag LLC: Founded in Marion County in 1919 by John and Regina Dozler. Applicants are Marty and Amy Dozler.

• Fletcher Family Farm: Founded in Hood River County in 1919 by Leonard and May Fletcher. Applicant is Jill L. House.

• Gingerich Farms: Founded in Clackamas County in 1919 by Fred and Katie Gingerich. Applicant is Richard L. Gingerich.

• Cremer Farm: Founded in Marion County in 1904 by Frank and Catherine Cremer. Applicant is John Beitel.

• Hewitt’s Greenwood Gardens: Founded in Polk County in 1919 by Guy Glenn (G.G.) Hewitt. Applicant is Brian Hewitt.

• E. Neuschwander Farm: Founded in Linn County in 1919 by Emry P. and Lydia Neuschwander. Applicants are Noel and MaryAnn Neuschwander.

The Sesquicentennial Award program began in 2008 in honor of Oregon’s 150th birthday celebration. This year’s families being honored are:

• Thompson Farm: Founded in Marion County in 1868 by Alexander Thompson. Applicant is Tim Thompson.

• Heller Century Farm: Founded in Coos County in 1869 by Louis Heller. Applicants are Russ and Debbie Heller.

• Charlton Farm: Founded in Multnomah County in 1848 by Joseph and Mary Charlton. Applicant is Betsy Charlton Powell.

• Ingle Butte Ranches: Founded in Grant County in 1867 by W.D. Ingle. Applicant is Kim Lemmons.

• Nusbaum Farms LLC: Founded in Benton County in 1869 by George Humphrey. Applicant is H. Frank Nusbaum.

The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch program encourages agriculture families to share these stories with a broader audience. By promoting family stories, rich cultural heritage is passed down to future generations while educating Oregonians about the social and economic impact of Oregon agriculture.

The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program began in 1958 to honor farm and ranch families with century-long connections to the land. To qualify for a century or sesquicentennial award, interested families must follow a formal application process.

Members of the Application Review Committee review each application against the qualifications, which include continuous family operation of the farm or ranch; a gross income from farm use of not less than $1,000 per year for at least three years out of five prior to application; and family members must live on or actively manage the farm or ranch activities.

Application documentation may include photos, original deeds, personal stories, or other historic records. These records help support Oregon’s agricultural history by providing valuable information about settlement patterns or statistics on livestock and crop cycles.

Award winners receive a certificate signed by the governor and director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Historic roadside signs are imprinted with the founder’s name and the year the ranch or farm was established.

The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program is administered by the Oregon Farm Bureau Foundation for Education. It is supported by a partnership among the Oregon Farm Bureau, the State Historic Preservation Office, OSU University Archives and by generous donations of Oregonians.

For information about the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program, contact Andréa Kuenzi, Program Coordinator, at 503-400-7884 or The application deadline for 2020 is May 1.

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