Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller of Miller Research in Rupert, Idaho.

Miller Research will offer a potato pest-management field day Aug. 19 in Rupert, Idaho.

The free event, which typically draws about 120 people, will be 10 a.m. to noon at a research field at 225 N. 350 E., Rupert.

A free lunch is planned at the office, 422 E. 200 N.

The field day was canceled last year because of coronavirus concerns. An online seminar in February covered some recent research.

“It’s been lower disease pressure to this point,” said Jeff Miller, plant pathologist and principal field investigator, said of the growing season. “Things could change, but most of the diseases we worry about are driven by cold, wet weather. We have had just the opposite.”

In the prolonged high heat, “many growers have had to irrigate more in an attempt to deal with the heat and to try to cool down the crop,” he said. “And that has potential to increase white mold, pink rot and pythium leak. We won’t know if that happens for a little bit longer.”

Also in the heat, “we have had several fields where the set of of tubers is just delayed, or in some cases nonexistent,” Miller said, adding that Russet Burbank potatoes are especially sensitive to environmental stressors.

Presentations are planned on:

• Controlling foliar diseases such as early blight, brown spot, white mold and black dot.

• Fungicide resistance management.

• Fungicides for rhizoctonia management.

• New research on powdery scab and potato mop-top virus.

• Seed treatments for managing fusarium dry rot.

• Irrigation’s impact on how pink rot fungicide treatments perform.

Two certified crop adviser credits are available. State pesticide-recertification credits have been requested.

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