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Washington State University has posted its 2021 winter variety trial field maps, said Clark Neely, head of the cereal variety testing program.

Researchers at the University of California-Davis are developing varieties of wheat with more dietary fiber in an effort to reduce health concerns such as colon cancer and heart disease.

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Small commercial trials of robotic apple picking continued into their second season in Washington orchards this fall with the hope of larger efforts next year.


Oregon State University researchers and a California professor teamed up to win a national contest sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, proposing to develop a spray to slow the gro…


CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) — Oregon State University and state Department of State Lands officials participated Thursday in a two-hour remote session on OSU’s draft plan for the Elliott State Forest.

The USDA wants to release a parasitic fungus from Europe to help subdue the bearded creeper, a rangeland weed that’s infested several Western states.

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Hop farmers in the Pacific Northwest use roughly 425,000 miles of twine each season to string their trellises by hand, but a new machine can do much of the hard work for them.

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Organic crops again took the lion’s share of all organic sales in 2019. At $5.8 billion, those crop sales were 58% of the $9.9 billion in all organic sales, according to USDA’s latest organic survey.

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The hunt for Asian giant hornets will go on in northwest Washington, as state Department of Agriculture entomologists seek to find more nests after a successful eradication Saturday.


The 1 minute, 19 second video was posted Thursday on social media sites, light-heartedly celebrating a three-year project to purify livestock waste at a 6,000-cow dairy in Grant County.

Augie Kooistra, owner of Augie's Ag Sales in Ephrata, Wash., decided to try raising the plant this year after touring several states, where he saw cotton and rice grown for the first time.

USDA's Economic Research Service and National Institute for Food and Agriculture are "thriving" a year after relocating out of Washington D.C., an agency official told a University of Idaho audience.

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Normally, winegrape growers use fungicides to treat powdery mildew. A research team led by Cornell University is now demonstrating how UV light can also kill the fungus at night, when the orga…

A survey of Oregon farmworkers indicates a majority of farms are taking precautions for COVID-19, but conditions in the fields and at home can make it difficult for workers to avoid exposure t…

Oregon State University Extension educator Christy Tanner is slated to move from Malheur County to the Willamette Valley.


The assessment challenges some evidence cited by advocates of banning chlorpyrifos. "Despite several years of study, the science addressing neurodevelopmental effects remains unresolved," the …

Hemp researchers at Oregon State University are convening a new working group to study the effects of wildfire smoke on the versatile crop following another brutal wildfire season across the West.

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Fires have damaged university research facilities and COVID-19 has slowed ag studies, but research continues.

From the tragedy has emerged a special sort of person — a Hero. This is a person or organization that went the extra mile to help a neighbor, friend — or total stranger. We want to honor these…

A new test method that detects a gene-edited canola cultivar has raised the possibility that other crops developed through similar techniques can also be identified.

Researchers at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have succeeded in pollinating fruit blossoms by spraying soap bubbles containing pollen on them.

WSU breeder Kevin Murphy hopes to release one or more quinoa varieties in 2021-2022, and increase seed so growers can begin to use them.