The Organic Farming Research Foundation and eOrganic will host a series of eight free webinar trainings on organic farming and soil health in the western U.S.

The webinar will target agricultural professionals including extension personnel, other agency personnel, and agricultural consultants in an effort to increase expertise in organic practices that promote soil health, OFRF stated in a press release.

This series complement the farmer guides OFRF has produced on organic soil health practices, as the webinars will highlight soil health research and practices specific to the western region.

The goal of the trainings is to address the need for region-specific resources and knowledgeable extension services related to organic soil health, biology, nutrient cycling, and more, OFRF stated.

Farmers and other interested parties can participate.

All webinars take place at 11a.m. Pacific Time.

The webinars include the following.

Oct. 24 — Ecological Nutrient Management for Organic Production in the Western Region.

Nov. 21 — Ecological Weed Management for the Western Region.

Jan. 23 — Practical Conservation Tillage for Western Region Organic Cropping Systems.

Feb. 27 — Selecting and Managing Cover Crops for Organic Crop Rotations in the Western Region.

March 27 — Breeding New Cultivars for Soil-Enhancing Organic Cropping Systems in the Western Region.

April 17 — Preparing for Drought: the Role of Soil Health in Water Management in Organic Production.

May 29 -— Meeting Weather Challenges in the Western U.S.: Organic Practices to Mitigate and Prepare for Climate Change.

June 12 — Soil Biology for the Western Region: Organic Practices to Recruit and Nurture Beneficial Biota in the Soil.

People can register for the entire series and attend as many webinars as they wish.

For more detail on the webinars and to register, as well to watch webinars specifically for growers, visit: .

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