CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) -- Oregon state veterinarians say a virus that causes drooling, diarrhea and seizures is the likely cause of death in as many as 20 black-tailed deer in a Corvallis neighborhood.

Fish and Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Julia Burco says pathology tests have confirmed adenovirus hemorrhagic disease killed two deer recovered in the Timberhill area of Corvallis. She says several other deer carcasses collected in the area have signs consistent with the illness.

Burco says the viral disease affects only deer, posing no risk to humans, pets or livestock. It's spread mainly by deer-to-deer contact. Wildlife officials are discouraging people from providing feed or water for the deer, since that makes them more likely to congregate in small areas.

So far the outbreak seems to be limited to a herd in the Corvallis area.

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