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Agricultural groups are working with members of the U.S. Senate on an ag labor bill that growers hope will bring relief from steadily increasing minimum wages for foreign guestworkers.

Oregon is bucking the global wine industry’s lackluster sales trend for now but its winemakers are not immune to the slump, according to an industry expert.

The gain from a reduction in fruit tariffs in China could be lost to coronavirus restrictions preventing fruit from getting to markets.


Cosmic Crisp apples are selling at top wholesale prices while other varieties struggle because of large volume. It’s the first year for Cosmic Crisp and its supplies are limited.


A Washington state Senate committee Thursday recommended partially banning chlorpyrifos, acting on the same day as California's prohibition on selling the pesticide took effect.

Members of the Northwest pear industry discussed the importance of ripening and conditioning programs for the fruit during Oregon State University Extension Service's winter horticulture meeti…

Many in the U.S. wine industry rejoiced when France and the U.S. appeared to declare a temporary truce Jan. 20 in a trans-Atlantic dispute involving a wine tariff that, if levied, could have c…


Cherry growers from Hood River, Ore., to the Canadian border need to remove infected cherry trees or they could lose their industry, a scientist warns.


Washington State University has filed a lawsuit accusing a fruit packer and associated orchard company of violating its patent for an apple cultivar.

Tim Newkirk of Canby, Ore., is considered one of the youngest farmers to win the prestigious title from the Nut Growers Society of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.


China is more likely to buy pork and grains than tree fruit and has not agreed to lower a 60% tariff on tree fruit, the president of Northwest Cherry Growers says.

Legislation aimed at fixing some of agriculture's deepening labor woes would actually do little to benefit farms in the long term, according to attorney Leon Sequeira, a former assistant secre…


While Oregon’s hazelnut industry stands to gain from the first phase of the Trump administration’s trade deal with China, the specifics remain shrouded in mystery.

People learn through stories, said Michele Payn, a nationally recognized speaker and author on the food industry. And as the stories around food change, the way people think about food is chan…


The U.S. wine industry is bracing itself over the Trump administration's threat of a 100% tariff on European wine imports. Wine producers say the import tax could devastate their industry by  …

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has amended its rules for importing cherries into the state, narrowing damages if fruit fly larvae are found at a Washington state packer.

A former Washington tree fruit nursery owner, Dena Ybarra, was heralded as cherry king of the year by Northwest Cherry Growers on Jan. 10.


Low snowpack in Washington so far this year recalls conditions leading up to the drought of 2015. Yakima Basin reservoirs are significantly behind in recharging.


Washington’s new Cosmic Crisp apple is selling well at strong prices and a limited supply of about 460,000, 40-pound boxes likely will be all sold out of grocery stores in February.

Passage of USMCA in the U.S. House and expected passage next month in the Senate is huge for the Northwest tree fruit industry as Mexico and Canada are its top export markets.


U.S. hop production topped 100 million pounds in 2019 for a third record year in a row as the industry hopes consumption stays at a pace to avoid oversupply and a big drop in prices.

The California almond industry continues to grow and invests in research and sets goals for greater efficiencies in water, waste byproducts, pest management and harvest dust control.

A farm labor bill that just passed the U.S. House makes the H-2A-visa guestworker program more expensive and rife for litigation, a farm labor association says.

A change in agricultural property tax law proposed by the Washington Association of County Officials would jeopardize farming, a Klickitat County farmer says.

A Washington legislative bill is being introduced to create a state specialty apple license plate to benefit the Washington Apple Education Foundation. It’s the idea of the tree fruit cooperat…


The U.S. House passed a farm labor bill, Dec. 11, that many hailed as a bipartisan compromise to ensure a reliable, legal workforce while opponents say it will be abused for amnesty. The bill …

Tree fruit growers in Washington state are happy with news that USMCA likely will pass the U.S. House next week. Growers discuss trade, labor, technology and research at their annual meeting.