Along with growing hanging baskets and carrying unusual plants, Nature Nursery and Market in Burley, Idaho, cultivates entertaining community events year-round to thank customers for their support.

Opened in 2016, the six-acre nursery in southeastern Idaho opened to provide hard-to-find plants including a variety of succulents, plants for backyard water features and koi ponds, and banana trees.

The nursery is part of the Gibby Group, a privately owned agribusiness based in Burley.

While managing Gibby Group’s landscaping division, Andrew Gibby, 28, brainstormed about establishing a retail nursery with a few distinctive twists at 120 East Highway 81.

“I like challenges and opportunities and seeing how plants can make people happy and transform indoor and outdoor living spaces,” Gibby said. “We offer classes, home décor, bulk vegetable seeds and fountains, and organize a fall market and free holiday events.”

His sisters sell a popular Italian ice and ice cream custard adjacent to the greenhouses near shaded picnic tables.

Gibby and co-manager Terina Davis supervise six full-time and four seasonal employees.

Throughout summer, customers come for the wide variety of hydrangea and hibiscus colors, Japanese maple trees, fairy garden materials, and roses trained to grow like a tree.

“We have a lot of clients who bring in their own pots and ask us to plant them,” said Dawnette Hutchison, coordinator of the customized potting program. “We’ll pick the most suitable plants based on whether they’ll be in shade or sun and what colors of flowers clients want. Some people just tell us, ‘Surprise me.’”

Doug Abenroth of Burley says the wide plant selection and customer service keep him coming back, especially at holidays.

“Our kids love Crepes with the Clauses at Christmas,” he said of the annual event with Santa and his wife and warm fresh crepes. “We come for their Easter egg hunts, too.”

The popular September event is the Purple Shovel Market, a market day with vendors that is a tribute to Gibby’s grandmother.

“Her family members were always borrowing her shovel and not returning it, so she finally painted the handle purple to remind them to bring it back,” Gibby said.

Another popular autumn event is Lunch with the Witches at Halloween.

“We all dress up and have cauldrons and treats for the kids,” Hutchison said.

Classes are offered, too, about herbs, cooking, and making wreaths.

“We’re happy to offer classes for whatever interests people have,” she said. “If people want other classes, they should let us know.”

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