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Rows of nursery stock. The Oregon Association of Nurseries has delayed its online marketplace because of an ice storm.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Oregon Association of Nurseries announced Monday it will postpone its upcoming Nursery Guide LIVE virtual marketplace due to widespread power outages and winter storm damage.

The show will take place virtually March 17 to 18. It had originally been scheduled for Feb. 17 to 18, but the event's organizers decided to postpone it after an ice storm hit the nursery industry.

“Some of our nurseries were affected more than others, but enough of them are affected to such a degree that they need their team members in the field,” show director Allan Niemi said in a statement Monday. “The right call was to reschedule Nursery Guide LIVE so everyone can fully participate."

At the Nursery Guide LIVE event, association member exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their plant offerings, services and supplies.

Many nursery owners are already part of a printed guide published annually called the Nursery Guide book, which typically has 300 pages of listings and content about Oregon nurseries. The upcoming virtual event was inspired by the Nursery Guide, but will push the concept further by giving customers the opportunity to interact in the virtual marketplace rather than simply read listings in a catalog.

Kyle Fessler, who works at Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas and the current president of the Oregon Association of Nurseries, said the show will be "ready to roll" in a month.

“We are excited about the multitude of business-to-business activity this new platform can generate for large and small nurseries alike,” said Fessler in a statement. “With so many of us working diligently to keep shipments to our customers, clearing debris and dealing with power outages, it is the right thing to do to delay a month.”

The event will be open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific time on each of the scheduled days. Growers can register online at

Contact Allan Niemi at 503-582-2005 for information about exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities.

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