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Many industry leaders have expressed excitement about how the relief package will help agribusinesses. But some say CFAP's structure is flawed and excludes thousands of farmers and ranchers in crisis.

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — Harvust, smart phone and computer software designed to help farms with their human resource needs, allows users to effectively manage field workers in light of state and f…


The nursery industry, hit hard by the pandemic, offers drive-thrus and deliveries in an effort to make up lost ground

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Across the U.S., gardening is booming as people anxious about food shortages are eager to grow their own vegetables during the COVID-19 outbreak.


As coronavirus continues to spread rapidly across the Northwest, the pandemic is threatening to exacerbate an already critical labor shortage for farms and food processors.

After 20 years at the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Gary McAnich has announced he will retire from his position as the agency's nursery, Christmas tree and industrial hemp program manager.


In retrospect, the inefficiencies at Peoria Gardens near Corvallis, Ore., were hiding in plain sight.


Tight supplies are once again challenging Christmas tree vendors as the industry continues to recover from a massive glut of cheap trees in the mid-2000s that caused wholesale prices to crash,…


USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released prevailing wage survey results likely to increase the minimum wage for H-2A workers by 5.3% in Washington and Oregon next year and by a…

A bill seeking to ensure a legal and sufficient agricultural workforce passed the House Judiciary Committee, 18-12, with Republicans citing shortcomings.

A bill seeking to legalize domestic farm laborers and improve the H-2A-visa foreign agricultural guestworker program received renewed support and opposition before its U.S. House Judiciary Com…

Cascade Mountain water reservoirs serving the Yakima Basin are refilling but still below average after a moderate summer drought that caused some crop losses. Winter snowpack outlook is uncertain.

A record 257,667 H-2A-visa agricultural foreign guestworker positions were certified by the U.S. Department of Labor in 2019, but the rate of growth slowed to 6.1% after five years of more than 18%.


A new farm labor bill appears to have widespread support on first blush, but the depth and extent of that support is questionable as organizatons say it doesn’t do enough to control labor and …


Hundreds of agricultural groups and United Farm Workers of America are backing a new bipartisan bill seeking to ensure farmers with a legal, adequate and affordable workforce.

Along with growing hanging baskets and carrying unusual plants, Nature Nursery and Market in Burley, Idaho, cultivates entertaining community events year-round to thank customers for their support.


Growers are left dealing with higher labor costs and trying to get the U.S. Department of Labor to change its ways after a judge refuses to pull agricultural foreign guestworker minimum wages …


A Yakima labor attorney gave employers tips at the Washington Growers League annual meeting and said arbitration agreements must be understood by employees signing them to be binding.


A federal judge heard arguments regarding returning the minimum wage for H-2A-visa foreign guestworkers to 2018 levels but it may be days or weeks before he rules.

The founder of a global blueberry nursery company based in Oregon is stepping down as CEO, to be replaced by a triumvirate consisting of his two children and chief operating officer.

Willamette Valley trees have benefited from several days of rain going into harvest, just what Bob Schaefer, general manager of Noble Mountain Tree Farm near Salem, Ore., likes to see.

PORTLAND — As Tom Fessler thought about the future of his family’s nursery, he couldn’t help but notice the growing importance of ecommerce to the overall retail industry.

The courtyard at Monrovia’s 1,200-acre plant nursery in Dayton, Ore. was buzzing with bees Tuesday as visitors toured elaborate displays set up for the company’s 2018 Handcrafted Expo, which r…

Portland, Ore. — The annual Farwest Show fills the Oregon Convention Center each year with more than 6,000 nursery industry professionals from all corners of the U.S. and provides space for mo…

Salem, Ore. — What began as a way for Diane Wavra to stay at home with her children has blossomed into a booming nursery business.

Many consumers are saying so long to their lawns and replacing thirsty grass with low-maintenance native plants, says Diane Jones, owner of Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery in northwest Boise.

CANBY, Ore. — Morning Shade Farm began nearly 25 years ago, when Jim Geiselman and his wife, Kasi, decided they wanted to move to the country to raise their kids.

The Plant Place Nursery has two locations — one retail and one wholesale — in the Olympia-Tumwater area of Washington state.

In 1980, Michael Dolan was a young man fresh out of military service. Then he read “Eating on the Wild Side,” by Jo Robinson.

Tony Godfrey’s grandparents were all farmers in the Midwest, but his father was a machinist who moved the family to California for a job.

Molalla, Ore. — In the late 1980s Neal Lucht saw the need to produce transplants for commercial agriculture. At the time, plug transplants weren’t grown in the Pacific Northwest, but he knew s…