North Lake Competes at Central Oregon District Leadership Career Development Events

<span style="color: #222222; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; text-align: -webkit-auto; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.917969);">Front row - Raven Waldron, Shannon Fisher.&nbsp; Back row - Trent Emery, Wyatt Smith, Noelle Fine, Conley Kittredge, Daniel Suitter, Brad Libolt, Shayne Dinger, Lesley Dark, Felicia Bias, Kiley Beasley</span>&nbsp;

FFA Leadership Contest

By Reporter: Shayne Dinger

On February 15th Conley Kittredge, Shayne Dinger, Daniel Libolt, Barry O’Leary, Shannon Fisher, Raven Waldron, Conner Adair, Kurtis Oster, Ruby Wilson, Mariam Horton, Noelle Fine, Destiny Laylon, and Alberto Valencia attended the Central Oregon District Leadership Career Development Event.

Shayne Dinger and Raven Waldron competed in Advanced Public Speaking. Noelle Fine and Destiny Laylon competed in Sophomore Public Speaking. They did not place, but they all did very well. In  beginning public speaking Mariam Horton took 2nd place. Alberto Valencia also competed in Beginning Speaking, and did very well. Conner Adair and Shannon Fisher competed in the Creed Speaking CDE. Conley Kittredge placed 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking, which moved him onto sectionals, along with Mariam Horton.

The Beginning Parliamentary Procedure team consisted of: Daniel Libolt, Barry O’Leary, Conner Adair, Kurtis Oster, Shannon Fisher, Mariam Horton, and Ruby Wilson. They did an impressive job at this contest and placed 3rd.

On February 22nd Conley Kittredge, Shayne Dinger, Barry O’Leary, Kiley Beasley, Felicia Bias, Daniel Suitter, Trent Emery, Wyatt Smith, Brad Libolt, Raven Waldron, and Mariam Horton attended the Central Oregon District Proficiency competition. The events our members competed in were Cooperative Quiz, State Degree Presentations, Beginning and Advanced Portfolios, Job Interview, and Chapter Books.

Shayne Dinger and Felicia Bias gave a ten minute power point presentation on their SAE projects, FFA activities, Non-FFA activities, and school activities to a committee for their state degrees; this is the last step in obtaining the award. They both did an excellent job, and will be receiving their degrees at Oregon FFA State Convention. 

Conley Kittredge Placed 3rd in District Job Interview, and also placed 3rd in the Sectional Extemporaneous Speaking Event.  

Kiley Beasley, Lesley Dark, Daniel Suitter, Brad Libolt, Trent Emery, and Wyatt Smith all took the Cooperative Quiz. This is a written quiz on agriculture business. The test involves multiple choice and true or false questions. An example of a true or false question would be: “Revolving capital financing is widely used by cooperatives and is particularly suited to their operations.” Brad Libolt did very well in the competition. He placed 2nd bringing home a red banner and will proceed to state. At state, Brad will have to take a written test, and participate in two rounds of interviews testing his knowledge of agriculture cooperatives.


We had many members in the Chapter Books contest. Shayne Dinger and Felicia Bias entered a technology scrapbook which is a power point done on the computer of our FFA chapter, and its activity over the last year. Raven Waldron entered a secretary book which is a record of all our chapter meetings and committee reports. Trent Emery entered the treasurer’s book, which is a record of all the expenses and profit that the chapter has made. Raven Waldron entered the Advanced Portfolio CDE, which is a power point of all her FFA and school activities. She placed 1st with her portfolio advancing to state. Noelle Fine entered a beginning portfolio, and also placed 1st moving onto state. The Chapter Books as a whole placed 1st in the competition. The hard work of the North Lake chapter paid off. Well done members.

            The North Lake FFA will be holding their annual banquet on Thursday, April 5th. If you would like to attend, but did not receive an invitation please contact Mr. Waldron at 541-576-2121. 

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