Grass seed companies, dairy and beef producers and extension service personnel have formed an organization they hope leads to improved pasture management.

The incentive to form Oregon Forage and Grassland Council came a few years back at the annual meeting of the American Forage and Grassland Council.

At the meeting, according to Jerry Hall of Grassland Oregon in Salem, one of the organization's founders, a USDA scientist spent 30 minutes talking about corn and 30 minutes talking about alfalfa.

"He then threw up a slide and said nothing much was happening in grasses and clovers," Hall said.

"Well, there is," Hall said, "but we as an industry are not doing a good job of conveying that."

The Oregon council this summer was official recognized by the national organization.

The council is holding its first field day Thursday, Oct. 15.

The 2009 Fall Forage Day is being held from 1 to 8 p.m. outside Junction City at Rock 'n D Angus Ranch, 27403 Ferguson Road.

"We're trying to get a broad spectrum of folks, including beef and dairy folks, sheep producers. We want to hear what their needs are so we can start adapting some of the research and development work we're doing to adapt to those needs.

"That is something that has been lacking in this industry," Hall said.

The meeting includes presentations by Oregon State University extension agents on fertility management and improving the energy content of grasses.

For more information, contact Hall at 503-566-9900.

--Mitch Lies

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