PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- The Army Corps of Engineers said Friday that the navigation lock at The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River will remain closed for eight to 10 days as engineers repair the downstream gate.

The lock was shut down on Sept. 29.

Col. Steven Miles says engineers have found extensive cracking on both sides of the lower portion of the downstream gate. A team of engineers and welders is beginning round the clock work to repair the cracks.

Miles says the Dalles lock has been operating for 52 years and is showing wear and tear. He says additional sensors added two years ago to monitor changes helped diagnose this problem.

The Dalles Dam is part of a system of navigation locks that enables the shipment of more than 12 million tons of commodities between Portland, Ore., and Lewiston, Idaho.

It's located 192 miles upstream from the mouth of the Columbia River, two miles east of the city of The Dalles, Ore.

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