Washington wolf

The Wedge Wolfpack has resumed killing livestock in Stevens County, Wash.

A northeast Washington wolfpack killed a cow last week in northern Stevens County, the first confirmed wolf attack on livestock in Washington since early January.

The cow was attacked in a private pasture and was found by the rancher June 11, a state Department of Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman said.

Another dead cow was found about a quarter mile away the day before, but investigators were unable to determine the cause of death, she said.

Fish and Wildlife attributed the depredation to the Wedge pack. The department counted three wolves in the pack at the end of last year. The pack's territory crosses into Canada, according to Fish and Wildlife.

The department killed seven wolves in the Wedge pack in 2012 to protect cattle. Last week's attack was the first confirmed recent depredation by the pack.

Non-lethal measures — range riders, trail cameras and hazing — were in place before the attack to protect cattle.


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