Washington wolf

The Wedge wolf pack in Stevens County, Wash., attacked another cow and a calf over the weekend.

A northeast Washington wolf pack already targeted for lethal control has attacked two more cattle, injuring a calf and killing a cow, a Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman said Monday.

The depredations were confirmed Saturday in the Wedge pack territory in Stevens County. The pack has now killed at least three cattle and injured at least 11 since May 11. Ten of the attacks have been confirmed since July 11.

Fish and Wildlife considers lethal control after three depredations in 10 months and four in 10 months.

Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind authorized the department on July 23 to kill one wolf in the pack to see whether the attacks will stop. The department has not reported removing a wolf.

The pack has three adults and may have pups, the spokeswoman said.

The department said it concluded the depredations would continue, even though ranchers have taken measures to protect cattle.

On Friday, Fish and Wildlife confirmed that the Smackout wolf pack, also in northeast Washington, killed one cow. The department previously confirmed on April 3 that the pack injured a calf.

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