The U.S. Bureau of Land Management Vale District is developing an environmental impact statement addressing long-term management of the Louse Canyon area.

The district will taking comments through Oct. 15 on issues, actions and alternatives the EIS should address.

The geographic management area has five grazing allotments with a combined 536,424 acres in Malheur County, Ore., and two allotments with 11,262 acres in Humboldt County, Nev.

Vale BLM managers will analyze livestock management approaches and restoration actions that promote landscape health and provide continued opportunities for grazing on public lands, the district said in a release.

Potential actions include using alternative grazing systems and schedules, restoring upland sagebrush habitat, improving riparian and meadow habitat and using various livestock-management tools.

Comments: 100 Oregon St., Vale, Ore., 97918 or

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