Wolf (copy)

The Washington Fish and Wildlife won't renew lethal removal against the Leadpoint pack in northeast Washington.

Washington Fish and Wildlife said Monday it won't renew efforts to kill wolves in a pack that injured a calf in late March in Stevens County.

The Leadpoint pack has a history of attacking calves on private land. The most recent depredation was the first since August but the 13th within the past 10 months. The department considers lethal control after four depredations in 10 months.

Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind decided against lethal removal, the department said. Instead, the department will work with the rancher to prevent more attacks.

Last year, the Leadpoint pack injured nine calves and killed three more over two months on private land. The calves were owned by one producer.

Susewind authorized the department in August to remove one or two wolves. The operation was unsuccessful and called off after a month, during which the pack did not attack any calves.

On March 26, another producer reported to Fish and Wildlife that a bull had been injured. Investigators concluded the bull was not injured by wolves, but a calf owned by the same producer probably had been.

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