King City Holds Annual South Coast Regional FFA Meeting

<p>Devon Rusconi (left) received the plaque for Monterey Bays Star Reporter with Milly Desai (middle) KC&rsquo;s Corresponding Reporter and KC president, Nicole Hardoy (right)</p>

On March 16th, FFA members from around the South Coast all came to King City for the annual regional meeting.

Competitions such as Impromptu (Devon Rusconi and Taylor Hurley competed), Prepared

(Nicole Hardoy and Alyssa Ibarra competed) and Extemp as well as Job Interview (Dominique Mantel competed in both) were in progress.

During the competitions, members from San Jose to LA chapters went to their assigned classrooms waiting for their turn. When they finished competing, members mingled and listened to the music in the school auditorium. After all finished, members running for Regional Office gave their speeches. Alyssa Ibarra did an amazing job with her speech Facebook themed. Awards were giving to the top speakers and members moving on to state performed their speaking skills on the stage.

King City was not at the top of public speaking or scrap book, however King City was still at honorable mentions.The winner for Monterey Bay Section Star Reporter was handed to Devon Rusconi of King City Chapter. Congratulations to everyone participating in the speaking competition and to Alyssa Ibarra for running from Monterey Bay. You all did Amazing.

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