King City Celebrates FFA Week

<p><span style="font-size: 9pt;">King City students getting ready to race tractors &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</span> </p>

FFA week was a continuous week of fun activities and games. Celebrating the week, King City’s Officer Team put on the following events:

On Tuesday the 21st FFA Week began during lunch time as the game was “Tractor Racing”. Many people rode the tiny tractors through the course and winner received their pick of a candy.

On Wednesday the 22nd King City FFA held their monthly meeting at lunch time to discuss old and new business. The FFA Officers opened the meeting and the minutes were read as well as the treasurer report. FFA member of the month was Lupita Ambriz who sold the most Chicken BBQ Tickets. The winner of the raffle was Cristina Crawford who each received a candy bar. When the meeting was over, members ate hamburgers or bean burritos (for Ash Wednesday celebration).

On Thursday the 23rd, FFA Week continued with the “Pie Eating Contest”. Students ate whip cream placed in a tin pie plate to try and find the bubble gum. Students could not use their hands so it was a complete mess, but very entertaining. Winners got the candy of their choice to the person who found the gum first.

On Friday the 24th the winners of the Kiss the Pig Competition were Mrs. A and Ms. Callerman. Students filled the King City teacher’s (who volunteered) piggy banks full of money to see them either kiss a pig or sheep. Mrs. A had the most money and Ms. Callerman came in second with her piggy bank full. Last year Mrs. A kissed the pig, so this year as the winner again she decided to kiss the sheep. Ms. Callerman then kissed the pig. These teachers were more than willing to participate as they posed for the cameras and received their T-Shirts. It was a funny and awkward moment at lunch time and a perfect way to end the FFA Week’s lunch activities

On Saturday the 25th, King City FFA closed FFA Week with their annual Chicken BBQ. Members helped serve the people of the community after selling tickets for only eight dollars. It was an amazing meal cooked by our amazing helpers.

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