Wyoming warns of raw milk

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) -- Wyoming Department of Agriculture officials are reminding residents that it's illegal to buy and sell raw milk.

Department spokesman Derek Grant said there's a growing desire around the country to have access to raw milk instead of pasteurized milk. But Grant said raw milk can contain dangerous pathogens. Department officials said raw milk is the leading cause of campylobacter outbreaks in the state.

Proponents of raw milk say pasteurization kills good bacteria. Joellen Strode with Cheyenne Calico Bluffs LaManchas said people who want raw milk often buy a share of a cow to get around the restrictions.

Barn blaze kills dozens of cows

RIVERSIDE, Pa. (AP) -- A barn fire that may have been sparked by a heat lamp killed dozens of cows at a dairy farm in central Pennsylvania.

Farm owner Wesley Keener estimates 60 cows and calves died in the blaze that began the morning of Friday, Dec. 18, in Rush Township. He says about 20 were saved.

Keener suspects a heat lamp ignited livestock bedding in the barn, which was destroyed.

Temperatures in the region were bitterly cold, with gusty winds.

Judge rules in favor of dairy

GALENA, Ill. (AP) -- A judge has ruled against a group trying to stop construction of a large dairy in the northwestern Illinois community of Nora.

Jo Daviess County Circuit Judge Kevin Ward said this week several neighbors and others who banded together did not show specifically what environmental damage construction of Traditions Dairy would cause.

The ruling came after a staff member of the Illinois Geological Survey testified some tests that might have shed light on the issue were not done because they were too expensive.

Dairyman A.J. Bos said with the ruling he hopes to have the dairy built and operating by next fall.

David Albee, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said his clients may appeal the decision.

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