DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The Humane Society of the United States is continuing its push to get egg-laying hens out of cramped cages, releasing undercover videos it claims show inhumane conditions.

The group released the videos April 7 at a news conference in Des Moines. The videos were secretly made at four farms in Iowa, the nation's top egg producer.

The videos show chickens in cages, including some caught between wires. They also show dead chickens being pulled from cages and piles of manure beneath cages.

Wayne Pacelle, the organization's president and CEO, says caged hens suffer broken bones, can't reach food and water and have high mortality rates.

The videos were from facilities in Winterset, Guthrie Center, Stuart and Thompson.

The Winterset video was from Rose Acre Farms. Company vice president K.Y. Hendrix says the cages improve efficiency, reduce mortality and increase production.

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