Horse logger explores countryside, cities

Mitch Lies/Capital Press Lee the horselogger sweeps up April 6 in preparation to embark on another leg of his journey. The former Montanan is traveling around the country via covered wagon with his four Suffolk Punch draft horses.

Peripatetic team raises money for feed by working odd jobs


Capital Press

GERVAIS, Ore. -- Lee the horse logger has spent the past four years traveling from one end of the country to the other.

That's saying something when your average speed is 3 mph.

Lee, who wouldn't give his last name, travels by horse-drawn wagon.

He has ridden his draft horses into downtown Boston, across the Rocky Mountains and up and down the West Coast.

"Part of my purpose is just to visit with people to see what makes the world tick," the native Montanan said.

Lee is a horse logger by trade, he said. Riding behind his four Suffolk Punch draft horses is what makes him happy.

The budget gets tight at times, he said: It costs $1,000 a month to feed the horses.

But he always makes ends meet.

"The budget is what is in the pocket, which right now isn't much," he said.

"Keep your horses healthy. That's the main thing," he said.

Lee covers his expenses primarily through donations. Occasionally, he'll stop and do some work.

"I just did a logging job outside of Veneta, (Ore.)," he said. "But it's awfully hard to find work, logging work, around here."

Lee doesn't know when his adventure will end, but he figures he'll be on the road at least another four years.

"There is no time frame on this," he said. "We're going by horse."


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