Compiled by USDA Market News Service * Des Moines

Feeder prices in dollars per hundred pounds unless indicated.

Country live price based 74 percent dress, plan price based on 75 percent dress. Prices based on individual packer buying programs. No grade premiums or discounts included. Calculated percent lean may include premiums, i.e. delivery time or other incentives.


(USDA Market News)

Des Moines, Iowa

Nov. 6

Barrows and gilts (carcass basis): 5,942.

Compared to prior day's closing weighted average: $.90 lower.

Base Price Range $44-54.73, Weighted Average $52.92.

5-day rolling average market hog: 201.85 lb. carcass, 0.76 inch back-fat, 6.69 square inch loin/2.23 inch loin depth, FFLI: 50.98 percent. Price range $47.50-57.51.

Purchase volume by state of origin: Iowa 101,881; Minnesota 30,431.


(USDA Market News)

Des Moines, Iowa

Nov. 6

Delivered prices are quoted on a per-head basis delivered to the buyer's farm. These prices include commission/brokerage fees if applicable and may also include tariff duties.

Estimated 50-54 percent lean value at base slaughter weights. Early weaned pigs are under 19 days old and many sold with $1 per pound slide. Most feeder pigs sold with 25-40 cents per pound slide. All prices quoted are on a per-head basis.

This week Last week Last year

118,522 87,184 151,631

Compared to last week, early weaned pigs and all feeder pigs 3-6 per head higher. Demand moderate for moderate offerings. Receipts include 32 percent formulated prices.

Formula Cash

SEW 10 lb. basis $28.27-41.68 $25-40

40 lb. basis $55.86 $31-45

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