Q: What is the most important thing cattle producers can do to improve their livestock handling?

A: Calm down. No screaming and yelling. Calm cattle are easier to handle. If there was one piece of advice I could tell them that would be it. When people get excited and start screaming, cattle get excited and stick together and are harder to sort.

Q: What can they do to improve the quality of life for their cattle?

A: One of the things they can do is good cattle handling so the cattle are not afraid of people. Cattle that have been really abused, chased, hit and run, they see people and they get really scared. If you handle them quietly they will have a much smaller flight zone than if you handle them roughly. And it doesn't cost anything. In fact, it will make you money because calm cattle gain more weight, breed better and are less likely to hurt you.

Q: What would most improve cattle producers' public image?

A: Ranchers need to get out and communicate with the public, get on social networking sites, hold tours of ranches, YouTube videos. They need to show that I'm a rancher and this is what I do to take care of my land and my cattle.

-- Lee Farren

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