University of Idaho researchers are surveying the state's barley and wheat growers about their management practices.

Results, due Aug. 31, will be used to help researchers update barley and wheat production guides. The survey is funded by the Idaho Barley Commission and UI Extension.

Idaho has about 4,000 barley growers and 4,500 wheat growers.

The survey takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete and covers farm information, management decisions and perceptions, soil and plant tissue testing, precision-agriculture technology adoption, nutrient management, seeds per acre planted, stand characteristics, irrigation and weed, disease and pest management.

UI Extension Barley Agronomist Jared Spackman, based in Aberdeen, said survey results could provide more detail on topics ranging from the varieties grown to “the perception of what it means to have sustainable ag.”

For example, he said producers may view sustainable agriculture from soil-health, economic-viability, quality or environmental-impact perspectives — or some combination.

Spackman said he also expects the survey to provide information about farming trends and management practices.

“Recently we’ve had a lot more questions about nutrient management, and what practices are most efficient and most effective,” he said.

Researchers hope to apply findings to understanding growers’ needs in individual growing regions, and developing education and research to suit specific needs, Spackman said.

The survey also may spark a grower’s interest in learning more about a topic or participating in a trial, he said.

UI said the first 100 respondents to submit completed surveys will receive a $30 pre-paid Visa gift card, and all subsequent respondents will be entered into a raffle drawing for 150 additional $30 pre-paid Visa cards.

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