IWC Associate Administrator Casey J. Chumrau

Casey J. Chumrau

The Idaho Wheat Commission has hired Casey J. Chumrau as associate administrator, a new position.

She and recent hire Jason P. Dumont will bolster marketing, communications and grower-education efforts, the Boise-based commission said in a news release.

“Casey and Jason bring unique and polished skill sets to our team, which will continue to benefit Idaho wheat growers,” Executive Director Blaine Jacobson said. “They know how to deliver value for growers’ dollars.” The state’s approximately 4,500 wheat growers pay 3.5 cents per bushel at first point of sale to fund research, marketing, communication and grower education.

Chumrau and Dumont will assist Jacobson in working with commissioners and industry groups, Dumont said in an interview.

Chumrau will focus on optimizing international opportunities while addressing challenges such as recent trade issues. Dumont will emphasize “helping growers tell their stories as they grow high-quality wheat to feed customers in the U.S. and in the markets we are working to develop,” he said.

Chumrau started Jan. 5 by participating in the PNW Export Tour, which the commission hosts annually in Portland. About half of Idaho’s wheat is exported, including most grown in the northern region.

Jacobson said Chumrau “has gained tremendous experience in foreign market development, and understanding of the relationships between state commissions and international trade partners.” Dumont “has quickly executed on our communications priorities by working with international trade teams, growers, industry partners, and news and social media.”

Chumrau previously worked as South America marketing manager for U.S. Wheat Associates in Santiago, Chile, where she helped develop and expand export markets for all classes of American wheat.

Earlier, she worked in Washington, D.C., as USW’s market analyst monitoring global trends, producing weekly price reports, and providing contract, quality specification, and price assistance to exporters and importers. She also has worked for the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, and as a market research assistant at Montana World Trade Center.

She earned a bachelor’s degrees in history and Spanish at the University of Oregon and a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Montana. She also studied in Chile and worked for a year in Costa Rica

Dumont was hired in August as manager of communications and grower education. He succeeded Britany Marchant, now marketing manager for the Idaho Falls Arts Council.

Originally from New Hampshire, Dumont previously worked as speechwriter and spokesperson for the California state controller and as a policy communications adviser to legislators in the California State Assembly. He built a political action committee and tracked legislation for a rare-disease biotech firm, managed public affairs and political campaign initiatives for consulting firms, and worked for two U.S. senators. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in Spanish from The George Washington University, and studied in Spain.

“Our commissioners and staff will continue to develop markets, incorporate research and tell stories about how Idaho wheat is quality wheat simply grown,” Jacobson said.

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