Grains are stated in dollars per bushel or hundredweight (cwt.) except feed grains traded in dollars per ton. National grain report bids are for rail delivery unless truck indicated.


(USDA Market News)


March 2


Pacific Northwest: Bids for U.S. 1 Soft White Wheat, delivered by unit trains and barges to Portland during March ended the reporting week on Thursday, March 1, at $7-7.20, mostly $7.20, 20 to 25 cents per bushel higher than week ago bids for the same delivery period. Feb. 24 bids for soft white wheat for March delivery were $6.75-7. There were no white club wheat premiums for March delivery for this week or last week. One year ago bids for U.S. 1 Soft White Wheat for March delivery were $7.55-7.95, mostly $7.75 and White Club Wheat bids were $7.55-8.45, mostly $7.92. Nearby bids for U.S. 1 Soft White wheat began the reporting week on Feb. 25 at the weekly low of mostly $6.95 before moving higher on Feb. 28 to mostly $7.02, continuing higher to mostly $7.15 on Feb. 29 and mostly $7.20 on March 1. March 2, bids ended the week steady at mostly $7.20. There were no new confirmed export sales of white wheat for the week. Forward month bids for soft white wheat were as follows: April $7.15- 7.20; May $7-7.20; June $7-7.10; July $6.75-6.90 and August New Crop $6.75- 6.80. One year ago, forward month bids for soft white wheat were as follows: April $7.75-8.05, May $7.85-8.05, June $7.90-8.05; July $7.70-8 and August New Crop $7.85-8. Bids for March one year ago were delivered by rail only. Bids for April through August New Crop delivery were by unit trains or barges.

Outstanding U.S. white wheat export sales as of Feb. 23, for the marketing year beginning June 1, 2011, and ending May 31, 2012, totaled 1,812.2 thousand MT compared to 1,708.0 thousand MT on Feb. 16, and 1,205.5 thousand MT one year ago. Outstanding white wheat export sales for the 2011-12 marketing year were to the following countries in 1,000 MT: South Korea 637.4, Japan 229.2, Philippines 172.1, Yemen 100.0, Mexico 65.1, Thailand 49.5, China 35.0, Ecuador 30.3, Taiwan 23.9, Nigeria 20.1, Malaysia 9.1, Indonesia 9.0, Vietnam 1.7, Canada 1.0, Hong Kong 0.8, Sweden 0.7 and total unknown 427.3.


Bids for U.S. 2 Barley delivered to the coast in unit trains or barges and bids for U.S. 2 Barley delivered to the inland feeding areas of Hermiston, Ore., and Yakima, Wash., during March were not well tested. Bids for U.S. 2 Yellow Corn delivered to Portland in single rail cars were $279.25, $3.75 to $5.25 per ton higher than Feb. 24 bids of $274-275.50. Bids for U.S. 2 Yellow Corn truck delivered to Yakima and Hermiston were $270.75-281.75, $4.50 to $8.75 per ton higher than the previous week's bids of $262-277.25. Higher Chicago May corn futures for the week supported cash corn bids. Bids for U.S. 2 Heavy White Oats for March delivery was $240, steady with Feb. 24 noon bids.


(USDA Market News)

March 2

Prices in dollars per cwt., bulk Inc.= including; Nom.= nominal; Ltd.= limited; Ind.= indicated; NYE=Not fully estimated.


Mode Destination Price per cwt.

BARLEY - U.S. No. 2 (46-lbs. per bushel)

Stockton-Modesto-Oakdale-Turlock Offer $14.50

Rail Any origin


via Union Pacific and BNSF $13.20-13.35

Tulare - via Union Pacific $13.25-13.40

CORN - U.S. No. 2 Yellow

Truck Petaluma-Santa Rosa Offer $13.78

Stockton-Modesto-Oakdale-Turlock Offer $14.14

Fresno-Tulare-Corcoran-Coalinga NA

Rail Single Car Units via BNSF

Chino Valley $14.29

Los Angeles $14.29

SORGHUM - U.S. No. 2 Yellow

Rail Los Angeles-Chino Valley

via BNSF Single $14.29

OATS - U.S. No. 2 White

Truck Petaluma-Stockton-Modesto-Turlock $13.75-14

Los Angeles-Chino Valley Offer $15

WHEAT - U.S. No. 2 or better - Hard Red Winter

(Domestic Values for Flour Milling) California origin

Los Angeles 12 percent Protein $14.90-15.07

Los Angeles 13 percent Protein $15.10-15.27

Los Angeles 14 percent Protein $15.30-15.47

Truck/Rail Los Angeles 11.5 percent Protein $14.43-14.60

WHEAT - Any Class for Feed

Truck Petaluma-Santa Rosa Sale $12.85

Stockton-Modesto-Oakdale-Turlock $13.50-14.50

Truck/Rail Los Angeles -Chino Valley $14-14.50

Prices paid to California farmers, seven-day reporting period ending March 1:

WHEAT, Any Class for Feed (Red or White)

Tulare $11.77 2011 Crop, February del. Tulare

YELLOW CORN, U.S. No. 2 or better

San Joaquin $11.68 2011 Crop, February FOB Local Storage

Tulare $12.86 2011 Crop, February del. Tulare

Tulare $12.50 AH, August-September del. Kings County

Tulare $12.50 AH, September del. Kings County

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