FFA members have the opportunity to compete in a variety of competitions throughout the year. Members of the Garfield-Palouse FFA chapter demonstrated this as they competed at the District FFA competition of Southeastern Washington. On Thursday, March 24th a busload of students traveled to Pomeroy to participate in at least one the six events. These events include: Rituals, Creed, Beginning Parliamentary Procedure, Advanced Parliamentary Procedure, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Prepared Speaking.

In 1930, Erwin Milton Tiffany wrote the famous five paragraphs portraying his belief in the future of agriculture. It was officially adopted at the third National Convention as the FFA Creed. Since then, thousands of members across the nation have memorized and recited the five paragraphs to a panel of judges, in hopes of winning the National Competition. This year’s competitors from Garfield-Palouse were Taylor Redman and Chandler Pfaff. Taylor received 3rd at the District level and will be moving on to compete at the State level this May.

Rituals is an event in which a group of freshman conduct an official FFA meeting, which they must have their parts memorized. They begin with the opening ceremony, where each officer states their duties and responsibilities; they are then able to move to topic of discussion, which was to earn more premium points at the Palouse Empire Fair. They have seven minutes to completely get their event planned out; afterwards they can then move to closing ceremony to end the meeting. The board of judges score each member based on the appearance, accuracy, voice, and poise they presented. For the Gar-Pal Rituals team, Taylor Redman was the President, Chandler Pfaff the Vice President, Sammi Johnson the sentinel, Jesse Lopez the reporter, Ariel Hoffman the treasurer, and Katryna Newman the secretary. Together this team earned 2nd place and will move onto state.

There are two public speaking contests in which members can participate. The more popular one is prepared speaking. Each person writes and memorizes a six to eight minute speech on the topic of their choice, then answers any questions by the judges. Laura Anderson was the representative of Garfield-Palouse who prepared a speech concerning the increasing wolf population. This speech earned Laura the 3rd place banner. The other speaking contest is called Extemporaneous Speaking. In extempt, every person draws three topics and has thirty minutes to choose their topic and prepare a four to six minute speech for the judges. Both Chad Redman and Addy Hamilton of Gar-Pal had to quickly think of a speech relating to Supervised Agricultural Experiences or SAEs of FFA. Chad’s speech received 3rd and both him and Laura will have the opportunity to be drawn into the state competition.

The final two events that Gar-Pal members partake in are Advanced and Beginning Parliamentary Procedure. In both events, members conduct a short meeting and demonstrate the proper use of Robert’s Rules of Order. However, in Advanced each person must make two motions, instead of only making one in Beginning. The Advanced team included JB Lange, Blake Slocum, Chad Redman, Ben Weagraff, Tiona Shea, and Addy Hamilton. Together these individuals earned their team 1st place. The Beginning team had the highest score for the day and consisted of Sarah Wilson, Hannah Neibergs, Holly Leendertsen, Cassie Thompson, Wyatt Mitchell, and Emma Akin. Unfortunately, Beginning Parli does not have a state level contest. However, the Advanced team will be moving onto state.

Garfield-Palouse FFA will have representatives in the upcoming State competition, whether it is Creed, Rituals, or Parliamentary Procedure.  The State contest will be held this May at Washington State University and hopefully Gar-Pal will be able to compete at the National level.

Kristin Nelson

Garfield-Palouse FFA Reporter


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