Ecolo-Tiger promises efficient sizing

The Ecolo-tiger 527B is pulled by a Magnum 270 tractor. Case IH

Extra-wide disk ripper folds compactly for greater roadability


For the Capital Press

DAYTON, Ore. -- Sharing center stage during the Case IH Tillage Field Days was the new Ecolo-Tiger 870 disc ripper, one of five models available in the Ecolo-Tiger series.

Matching the right balance between healthy soil tilth, crop residue management and seedbed consistency is no easy task. And that's where the Ecolo-Tiger 870 comes in.

Called "the most aggressive disk ripper on the market" by its manufacturer, the 870 "efficiently sizes and mixes the toughest heaviest residue, while also leveling the soil out the back for smooth seedbed building."

Featuring the industry's fastest ground speed, at up to 7 mph, and the greatest width, up to 26 feet, the 870 makes faster work of tillage jobs in a variety of soil conditions.

The 870's heavy-duty frame provides rugged durability. And unlike competitors, the Ecolo-Tiger 870 doesn't rely on tractor hydraulics to cut residue. Its own weight provides all of the cutting pressure needed.

Other features on the Ecolo-Tiger 870 include a 36-inch under-frame clearance and ample room between ripper shanks and running gear for smooth operations in the heaviest of residue conditions.

It's the generous clearance of the 870 that maximizes material flow and minimizes plugging, which contributes to the implement's high-speed performance.

The 24- to 26-inch discs on the Ecolo-Tiger are designed to cut and mix -- and not just bury -- the toughest cornstalks and thickest, heaviest residue.

A patented double-edge reel on the 870 rear leveling system sizes clods and levels soil in the fall, setting the stage for more successful plant emergence in the spring.

Tiger Points on 870 shanks, which come in 2-inch and 7-inch sizes, break up compaction that would otherwise limit root development.

The points provide a unique lift, twist and roll action that restores spore space and better enables nutrient cycling in healthy soil.

When it comes to roadability, the 870 gets growers from field to field easier. All Ecolo-Tiger 870 configurations fold to less than 18 feet, narrow enough to fit inside the tires of most matching four-wheel-drive tractors.

The Ecolo-Tiger is available in four shank configurations: 7-shank, 9-shank, 11-shank and 13-shank.

Transport widths for the four different shank configurations are: 7-shank and 9-shank, 16 feet; 11-shank, 16 feet, 8 inches; and 13-shank, 17 feet 11 inches.

Heavy wear parts, like shins and points, are easily replaceable.

Improved shank assembly gives higher clearance and excellent protection against potentially damaging rocks.

Shank design on the 870 features auto-resetting rock protection, poly bushings that require less time greasing, optimum geometry for improved residue flow and replaceable wear shin.

Depth control on the 870 is achieved easily and quickly with a single-point adjustment.

There are also fewer bearings and other moving parts on the 870. High quality V-seal bearings increase the interval between greasings.

Bill Lusk, Ag West sales manager, said there are several alternating promotional programs designed to give growers incentives for purchasing the Ecolo-Tiger.

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