Echo High School FFA chapter happenings highlighted by dinner, auction

<p><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: calibri, sans-serif;">Echo competed in the Ag sales November 19 at Stanfield High School. Both beginning and advanced teams took third place. The beginning team consisted of: Lesely Ibarra, Bailey Srofe, Hayden Tarvin, and Naomi Sherban. The advanced team consisted of: Jacob Murstig, Ashley Longhorn, Bobbie Correa, and Cassie Wagner.</span></p>

FFA Auction Was A Big Success


The FFA auction and dinner was a big success. With the help from our community and supporters we were able to raise a total of $6,400.00. Stanfield and Echo split the profits which would leave Echo to have a total of $3,200.00. This was a great start for Echo because of our chapter just being chartered it allows us to have some money to use on trips and travel expenses to competitions, as well for state and national convention. With donations reaching from big to small it was a huge success. We would like to thank you for coming to our auction and dinner that was held on November 5, 2011. This auction was a way for Echo to show how much we appreciate our community for giving us such great donations.  With this auction it wasn't just a chance for the community to benefit, but it was a chance to let new members know  how important the community is to our chapter.


FFA State Officers Take Over Class For One Day


On October 27th, the Ag classes got the chance to hang out with two of Oregon FFA’s state officers. We got the privilege to have Adam Powell, and Grace Wildhaber. Students learned a lot about leadership, and teamwork, while playing a lot of games to try and get everyone involved in the FFA. Ag students said that they had a lot of fun having the state officers here. We also held a dinner for the state officers on the 26th of October, with a lot of games to get to know them a little more. It was a fun time playing pin the nose on the pumpkin, and bobbing for apples.

Ag Sales & Service

Echo competed in the Ag sales and service competition on Friday November 19 at Stanfield High School. We had a beginning and advanced team go and both teams brought home a third place banner. Ag sales and service consist of trying to persuade someone to buy an agricultural related product. Also ha to try to handle customer service problems, while also learning to work in a team to accomplish an activity. The beginning team consisted of: Lesely Ibarra, Bailey Srofe, Hayden Tarvin, and Naomi Sherban. The advanced team consisted of: Jacob Murstig, Ashley Longhorn, Bobbie Correa, and Cassie Wagner.


Job Interview

We had two people compete in the job interview competition which was held at Stanfield High School on Friday November 19. Ashley Chandler and Eric Coffelt both competed. They tried there hardest and were at the top of the group. Falling just short of a banner, hopefully next year we can bring home the banner.


Kiwanis Dinner

Once a month Echo FFA cooks dinner for the Kiwanis club. This is a little fundraiser that we do to try and get money into our account. With the help from our members to prepare the food, and serving the meals which have turned out to be quite delicious. This is a small but great fundraiser to bring in some money. It also allows us to help out our local community and get our chapter known


Creed & Sophomore Public Speaking

Echo FFA will be attending the sophomore public speaking and creed speaking competition on January 26. Ag classes are currently  putting hard work into the creed. Taking it paragraph by paragraph and day by day.  The creed is five paragraph  long and was written by E.M. Tiffany.  The creed was adopted at the third National FFA Convention in 1930, it was revised in 1965, and 1990.


Greenhand Dessert

Echo FFA is planning on having their Greenhand dessert on December 19. We are inviting everyone to attend, this will be a great event to show what our Ag1 classes are accomplishing. We are inventing everyone to attended it will be held in the Echo High School Gym at 6:30pm.


Grant for Technology

Echo FFA and Agriculture classes are working on a grant for a laptop lab for the Ag room and shop. Right now we are working off of two computers for over 40 students. When a virus hits our computers it sends that computer to the tech and we are left with only one. Right now we are working on a Wildhorse Foundation Grant, for the purchase of the laptops, and the newest version of Microsoft Works. We are also on the look-out for other grants that we could possibly put in for if we don't get the Wildhorse Grant.

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