March milk production in the 23 major milk-production states, at 16.5 billion pounds, was up 4.3 percent from March 2011. The number of milk cows was up 94,000 head to 8.52 million.

Production per cow averaged 1,931 pounds, 59 pounds above March 2011.

California's production was up 6.2 percent with 25,000 additional cows.

Idaho's production was up 3.3 percent with 4,000 additional cows.

Oregon's production increased 3.4 percent with 4,000 additional cows.

Washington posted a production increase of 4.5 percent and 3,000 additional cows.

California, Idaho and Washington all increased milk per cow, and Oregon stayed the same.

Revisions to February production show an increase in this leap year of 8.2 percent from February 2011 and a 4.5 percent increase on a daily basis. February's cow count was up 9,000 head from February 2011.

-- Carol Ryan Dumas

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