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A screen shot from the Unbottled website.

Idaho and Utah dairy farmers are putting their efforts behind a new initiative to appeal to consumers concerned about health and nutrition by launching a new brand called “Unbottled.”

The brand is aimed at the concept of unbottling your greatness with dairy foods, said Kristi Spence, senior vice president of marketing for Dairy West, a promotional organization that works on behalf of Idaho and Utah dairy farmers.

The platform will allow the industry to be transparent and authentic about dairy, from what happens on the farm to the nutritional benefits of milk in the diet, she said.

Dairy West works to inspire consumer trust in dairy farming and grow sales of dairy foods and is looking for the Unbottled brand to have a presence beyond a single campaign, she said.

The organization has done a lot of research and found overwhelmingly people just want to be there best selves. But there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to nutrition and guilt associated with eating certain foods, she said.

“Through clear and authentic information, we hope to close this gap and give people permission to become their best selves, make choices that feel right and get people back to what’s simple and real,” she said.

The Unbottled.com website will be a place consumers can get honest, simple answers to their questions, she said.

“We’re hoping Unbottled becomes a trusted, uncomplicated voice in a sometimes confusing nutrition world,” she said.

The brand will address anything consumers want to know about the dairy industry and dairy foods through Dairy West’s partnerships with dairy farmers, veterinarians, health professionals, scientists, university professors, athletes and more, she said.

“We do our best work when we can partner with other people and organizations who have similar goals. Unbottled is a nice platform where we can do that,” she said.

Dairy West’s vision is to convene the entire dairy community and work together toward a positive future. Meanwhile, Unbottled will serve as a vehicle for messages Dairy West and its partners can share directly with consumers.

“We’re pretty excited about it. We think it allows us to be relevant and be a catalyst for where we need to go,” she said.

It’ll center around how dairy helps unbottle consumers’ everyday greatness, she said.

Dairy West is building out the website and welcomes feedback, she said.

“We’re excited to see where it goes from here and its potential,” she said.

The brand is being introduced in a 30-second commercial that will air on TV and digitally in Idaho and Utah. It has also entered into a sponsorship agreement with Idaho Public Television and Utah Public Television and produced a 30-second animated video that will air during children’s educational programming.

Parents of young children are a key audience for educating consumers that dairy is a nutritional food with a lot of value for kids and family, she said.

The Unbottled.com website is currently a landing page, but will soon be a destination consumers can go to get information about all things dairy.

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