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From left to right are Steve Cina, vice president of marketing and sales, Acumen Detection; Kristin Lopez, director of business operations, Acumen Detection; Chuck Stormon, CEO of Acumen Detection; Mitch Rubin, incubator program manager at Chobani; Brent Keller, co-founder and CTO, Via Separations; Shreya Dave, co-founder and CEO, Via Separations.

Chobani has announced two startup companies have been selected for its Food Tech Residency this fall.

The program is targeted at startups looking to solve challenges along the food and agriculture value chain.

The program is meant to bring technology entrepreneurs to the front lines of food manufacturing to enable them to tap into Chobani’s operations, supply chain logistics, and quality assurance expertise to build innovative solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.

The companies selected for the fall residency program have connections to the dairy industry.

Via Separations is a Massachusetts-based startup that uses membranes to enable the processing of acid whey into valuable food ingredients.

Dairy processors can create value from the highly nutritious components of the whey stream in an economic manner, turning it into a revenue generator, according to the company.

Acumen Detection, based in Syracuse, N.Y., has developed a patented on-farm portable laboratory and rapid pathogen identification system, which can detect mastitis pathogens in three hours or less.

Clinical mastitis affects 25% of dairy cows each year, and dairy farmers could save more than $400 per case through early detection, according to the company. The Food Tech Residency was launched about a year ago and is closely tied to the Chobani Incubator program.

The incubator program was launched in 2016 as a way to help entrepreneurs break into food and beverage industries through equity-free investment and a strong focus on mentorship.

More about the Food Tech Residency startup companies can be found at and

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