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Dairy traders had a lot of information to assimilate last week and took CME block Cheddar to a $1.56 per pound Friday, closing the week 2 1/2-cents higher but 2 1/2-cents below a year ago. The…

CME Cheddar block cheese closed the second Friday of March at $1.5350 per pound, down 7 1/2-cents on the week, ending five weeks of gain, and 3 1/2-cents below a year ago.


The EU’s push to restrict the use of common food names could cost U.S. dairy farmers $20 billion in the short term and $71.8 billion over the next 10 years.

Cheese traders took the Cheddar blocks higher for the fifth week in a row, closing Friday at $1.61 per pound, up 1 1/2-cents on the week, the highest since October and 5 cents above a year ago.

OLYMPIA — Three Washington ranching groups on Monday endorsed raising a slate of fees to stop the state Department of Agriculture from shutting down its brand-inspection program.

Americans largely favor passage of USMCA, according to a polling firm that partners with The New York Ties, Politico and Bloomberg.

Dairy prices were mixed in the shortened President’s Day holiday week. Cheddar block cheese closed Friday at $1.5950 per pound, up 1 1/2-cents on the week and 10 cents above a year ago.


A Yakima labor attorney gave employers tips at the Washington Growers League annual meeting and said arbitration agreements must be understood by employees signing them to be binding.

Washington growers were allowed to use 24,862 H-2A-visa foreign guestworkers last year, mostly in tree fruit. An attorney reviewed other legal ways of getting foreign farmworkers at a recent meeting.

Many agricultural leaders say a Democratic bill to give legal status to farmworkers isn’t going anywhere without including guestworker reform. An immigration attorney says they might be wrong.


Owners of 13 to 15 dairies near Sunnyside, Wash., deal with about $4 million in direct loss of dead cows from a blizzard, not counting lost milk production.

Cash cheese prices continued to strengthen in the Valentine’s Day week as traders anticipated Tuesday’s Global Dairy Trade auction and the shortened President’s Day holiday week.


The University of Idaho announced long-awaited news to the state’s dairy industry Thursday afternoon that it will purchase land for a world-class research dairy near Rupert in south-central Idaho.


An upcoming proposed rule change would allow employers of H-2A-visa foreign guestworkers to recruit domestic workers for the first 30 days instead of the first half of their use of H-2A workers.


Without a strong trade agreement with Japan, U.S. dairy exports will lose out to competitors who have moved forward with trade pacts with the country.

Cash dairy prices were mixed in the shortened Martin Luther King Day holiday week with the Cheddar blocks losing a penny, closing Friday at $1.39 per pound, 8 1/4-cents below a year ago when t…


A federal judge heard arguments regarding returning the minimum wage for H-2A-visa foreign guestworkers to 2018 levels but it may be days or weeks before he rules.

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UNION, Ore. — Stephanie Rovey traces her goat dairy business back 28 years to her first 4-H project at age 12. She can also trace her current stock back to her base breeding herd — 12 white Nubians.

SALEM, Ore. — Emily Henry was chosen the 2019 Oregon dairy princess ambassador at the program’s 60th annual coronation and banquet Saturday night at the Salem Convention Center.

A majority of respondents in a consumer survey think the Food and Drug Administration should enforce its regulation that would restrict use of the term “milk” to animal products.

BOARDMAN, Ore. — A federal bankruptcy judge in California will allow the proposed sale of Lost Valley Farm to proceed as scheduled, despite objections from Oregon state agencies over who will …

Consumers’ desire to know where their food comes from and how it is produced offers both challenges and opportunities for producers, cooperatives and processors.

The second Global Dairy Trade auction of 2019 got another boost in its weighted average of products offered, jumping 4.2 percent Tuesday, following the Jan. 2 gain of 2.8 percent.

The block Cheddar cheese price closed the first Friday of 2019 at $1.4175 per pound, down 1 1/4-cents on the New Year’s holiday-shortened week and 7 3/4-cents below that week a year ago.

CME Cheddar block cheese closed the last Friday of 2018 at $1.43 per pound, up 4 cents on the Christmas holiday shortened week but 11 cents below a year ago,

SALEM — Seven finalists from across the state are seeking to become the 2019 Oregon Dairy Princess Ambassador, a program started 60 years ago by the Oregon Dairy Women to promote the dairy ind…

Despite slowing milk production, 2018 will end up having the lowest average Class III milk price in the past four years.

If milk production continues to slow, domestic demand holds and trade wars are resolved, dairy farmers could see another $1 per hundredweight for their milk.