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Prosecutors in King County, Wash., are reviewing a state audit that alleges a drainage district commissioner and his wife withdrew more than $400,000 in public funds from the district to suppo…

Dairygold Inc. has hired more people in Mexico to improve its operations there and farther south into Latin America.

While U.S. milk production last March fell below that of a year ago for the first time in six years, the USDA’s preliminary 50-state data put April output up 0.1%.


Hay stocks are down 29% in the Pacific Northwest from a year ago mainly because livestock needed more hay than usual in February and March due to colder than normal weather. Now rain is hamper…


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Department of Agriculture issued four dozen fines, citations and warnings to dairies and other confined animal feeding operations last year, many for unauthorized…

Some students want to find the perfect college. The truth is, there’s no such thing. You can find many colleges at which you’ll be happy and get a great education.


An Eastern Washington dairy, 12 former employees and the United Farmworkers of America have all agreed to walk away from a legal battle after nearly a decade .

The USDA announced the April Federal order Class III benchmark milk price at $15.96 per hundredweight, up 92 cents from March, $1.49 above April 2018, and the highest Class III price since Sep…

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Blueberries, hops, apples and hay increased in acreage in the Pacific Northwest while wheat and potatoes dropped a bit in the 2017 Ag Census compared with five years earlier.

Cash Cheddar block cheese closed Friday morning at $1.6850 per pound, up 1 3/4-cents on the week and 6 1/2-cents above a year ago.

The federal government has resumed notifying employers if they have employees whose names or social security numbers don’t match records. It could result in more employment eligibility verific…

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Fire claims a dairy milking parlor but the owners are fortunate enough to have plenty of help and moved 900 cows 60 miles north to an empty dairy that was pressed into service.

Tuesday’s Global Dairy Trade auction registered its 10th consecutive session of gain, inching 0.5% higher on the weighted average of products offered.

OLYMPIA — Washington lawmakers have raised fees to save the Department of Agriculture's brand program, settling for now an issue that divided the cattle industry for two years.

New permitting requirements for Oregon’s confined animal feeding operations have failed to gain enough support on a key legislative committee to move forward this year.

Dairy prices started April with some hesitation. The block Cheddar closed the first Friday of the month at $1.66 per pound, up 1 1/2-cents on the week and 5 3/4-cents above a year ago. The bar…

CME dairy prices saw little change in the St. Patrick’s Day week as traders anticipated the February Cold Storage report Friday afternoon.

University economists say prices should respond to lower milk production in the second half of the year.

Dairy traders had a lot of information to assimilate last week and took CME block Cheddar to a $1.56 per pound Friday, closing the week 2 1/2-cents higher but 2 1/2-cents below a year ago. The…

CME Cheddar block cheese closed the second Friday of March at $1.5350 per pound, down 7 1/2-cents on the week, ending five weeks of gain, and 3 1/2-cents below a year ago.


The EU’s push to restrict the use of common food names could cost U.S. dairy farmers $20 billion in the short term and $71.8 billion over the next 10 years.

Cheese traders took the Cheddar blocks higher for the fifth week in a row, closing Friday at $1.61 per pound, up 1 1/2-cents on the week, the highest since October and 5 cents above a year ago.

OLYMPIA — Three Washington ranching groups on Monday endorsed raising a slate of fees to stop the state Department of Agriculture from shutting down its brand-inspection program.

Americans largely favor passage of USMCA, according to a polling firm that partners with The New York Ties, Politico and Bloomberg.

Dairy prices were mixed in the shortened President’s Day holiday week. Cheddar block cheese closed Friday at $1.5950 per pound, up 1 1/2-cents on the week and 10 cents above a year ago.


A Yakima labor attorney gave employers tips at the Washington Growers League annual meeting and said arbitration agreements must be understood by employees signing them to be binding.