Oregon leads the nation in Christmas tree production, with more than twice the production of North Carolina, which is ranked second.

Washington ranks sixth.

According to the 2007 agriculture census, growers in California produced 120,000 Christmas trees in 2006. In Idaho, growers produced 46,000 trees that year.

Only in Oregon, where growers pay for an annual survey, are harvest and planting data compiled on a yearly basis.

Oregon is expected to harvest upwards of 7.5 million trees this year at a value of $110 million. The state produces Christmas trees on 65,000 acres.

Washington has about 23,000 acres in Christmas trees. Washington growers expect to harvest 2.3 million trees this year at a value of more than $35 million.

About 1,000 growers produce Christmas trees in Oregon and Washington.

Nationally, about 1 million acres are in Christmas trees.

About half of the Christmas trees grown in the Northwest are sold in California. Mexico, which buys about 10 percent of the Northwest's tree production, is the Northwest's second biggest market.

-- Mitch Lies

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