It is time once again for the Chelan County Fair Pre-tagging and weighing for all market livestock that is to be entered in the Chelan County Fair.   There are two options for exhibitors.  The first option is to bring fair animals is Saturday June 2nd at the Chelan County Fairgrounds in Cashmere.  The second option is to bring fair animals to the Chelan Rustler’s Rodeo Arena in Chelan on Saturday June 9th.  Steers will be weighed and tagged between 9:00 AM and 10:00AM and pigs, lambs, and meat goats will be weighed and tagged between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. 

At the Fairgrounds, all exhibitors will enter and exit through the Rodeo Gate on Kimber Road.  At the Chelan Weigh-in, exhibitors are asked to enter the North entrance and exit through the South Entrance off of Union Valley Road

Exhibitors must have market animals pre-tagged and weighed to participate in the market animal classes and livestock sale at the fair. Exhibitors may choose to not pre-weigh their animals but this will exclude them from the Rate of Gain and Supreme Showman Classes.   Exhibitors may pre-tag and weigh in up to 2 market steers, 3 market hogs, 3 meat goats and 3 market lambs.  For the 2011 Chelan County Fair, exhibitors may sell one market animal and one meat goat through the sale. At fair they may only weigh in and enter 2 market animals (3 animals if one is a meat goat).   This is from any combination of beef, sheep, meat goats or swine.

All animals that are pre-weighed will be entered into the Rate of Gain Class.  This class is designed to encourage exhibitors to monitor and manage their market animal’s gain throughout the production period.

Animals that don’t make market weight will not qualify for this class or premium points. Criteria will be established for each species to determine the rate of gain for blue, red, and white ribbon and premiums.

All exhibitors who participate in market animal classes, fitting and showing classes, and rate of gain classes are entered into the supreme showman class.  The supreme showman will be determined by an aggregate score from all three classes.  Premium points, ribbons, rosettes, and trophies will be awarded. The overall 4-H and FFA Supreme Showman will receive trophy buckles.   

The Supreme Showman will be determined by how the individual exhibitor scores on rate of gain, market, fitting and showing classes.  Exhibitors will be ranked from top to bottom in each area.

The following are the livestock rule changes for the 2012 Fair.

  1. At weigh in exhibitors must submit their IAFE Show ethics forms, Species Quality Assurance Forms, necessary Brand Slips (beef), and feed affidavit (beef) in order for the animal to be weighed.  Animals not accompanied by properly filled out paperwork will not be weighed and admitted to the fair.
  2. Market Hog weights will be 240lb minimum to 295lb maximum
  3. Meat Goats may have horns if they are tipped to the diameter of a dime. 
  4. Meat Goats need to be slick shorn in order to be shown in the market classes.  3/8 in or less above the knees and hocks and from the ears back to the tail head. 
  5. Just to clarify a change from last year wethers and does may be shown in the Meat Goat Market Classes.

For more information or directions to the pre-tagging and weigh in site please contact the Fair Office at 509-782-3232 or Livestock Committee Chairman, Rod Cool at 509-682-4061 ext 1290. 

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