Cattle prices in dollars per hundredweight (cwt.) except some replacement animals per pair or head as indicated.


(Federal-State Market News)

Oklahoma City-Des Moines

March 10

Compared to the previous week: Slaughter cattle traded $3 lower. Feed yards had moderate interest in selling cattle early in the week as cattle futures posted two days of sharp declines. Beef prices also weakened through the week. Cash trades in Texas continue on a limited basis.

Boxed beef prices March 10 averaged $194.77 down $1.17 from March 2. The Choice/Select spread is at $2.11. Slaughter cattle on a national basis for negotiated cash trades through March 9 totaled about 96,900 head. The previous week's total head count was 162,987.

Midwest Direct Markets: Live Basis: Steers and Heifers 35-80 Percent Choice, 1200-1400 lbs. $127, few late $126 Dressed Basis: Steers and Heifers: $202, few late $201.

South Plains Direct Markets: Live Basis: Steers and Heifers 35-65 percent Choice, 1100-1400 lbs. $127, few late $126.

Slaughter Cows and Bulls (Average Yielding Prices): Slaughter cows and bulls steady to $2 lower.

USDA's Cutter cow carcass cut-out value Friday morning was $171.68 up $1.16 from March 3.


(USDA Market News)

Moses Lake, Wash.

March 10

This week Last week Last year

2,250 3,650 3,500

Compared to last week, Feeder cattle $1-5 lower following losses on the CME board of trade. Trade slow with light to moderate demand as some feedlots in Idaho are at capacity levels. The feeder supply included 54 percent steers and 46 percent heifers. Near 92 percent of the supply weighed over 600 lbs. Prices are FOB weighing point with a 1-4 percent shrink or equivalent and with a 5-10 cent slide on calves and a 3-6 cent slide on yearlings.

Steers: Medium and Large 1-2: Current FOB Prices: 750 lbs. $148 Washington; 850 lbs. $140 Oregon. Future FOB Prices: 550-600 lbs. $173 for June Oregon; 650-700 lbs. $146-170 calves for October-November Washington-Idaho; 800-850 lbs. $138-148 for July-September Oregon.

Heifers: Medium and Large 1-2: Current FOB Prices: 700-800 lbs. $137-142 Washington-Oregon; 850 lbs. $139 Washington. Future FOB Prices: 600-650 $140-162 for October-November calves Washington-Idaho; 700-750 lbs. $148 for September Oregon; 800 lbs. 135 for July Oregon.

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