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Dept. of Ecology releases instream flow river rule draft
The Washington Department of Ecology has released its proposed instream flow rule for the Spokane River. Agricultural impacts are expected to be minimal, says Keith Stoffel, Ecology water program manager in Spokane.

Featured Stories

Late ‘rescue precipitation’ an uncertain savior
Late ‘rescue precipitation’ an uncertain savior
Heavy snow and rain in March eased drought worries in much of the Pacific Northwest, and now water experts are wondering if such "rescue precipitation" has become the new normal.
Army Corps OKs irrigator permits
Orchards southeast of Wenatchee, Wash., are extending Columbia River pipes to get much needed water after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved permits.
Crater Lake’s annual snowfall gradually declining
Crater Lake National Park averaged 460 inches of snow each year between 2000 and 2013 — much less than what the park got in the 1930s and 1940s, when the annual average was more than 600 inches.
Sacramento River agencies get boost in federal water
Settlement contractors along the Sacramento River in Northern California will see a boost in planned federal water deliveries to 75 percent of normal, officials announced. State contractors without senior water rights will get 5 percent of their...
Salmon released in California river restoration
The Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released 54,000 hatchery-produced salmon into the river from a site near Fresno on Thursday.
Ruling may change Calif. water pricing, delivery
A ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals may affect the pricing and timing of water deliveries for certain irrigators in California.
Army Corps holds up permits for some irrigators
Army Corps holds up permits for some irrigators
Tree fruit crop loss will be substantial if the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers doesn't quickly approve permits for irrigators to get water in parts of the Columbia River lowered due to a crack in Wanapum Dam, the state director of Agriculture says.
Rains help east Oregon water picture
The water supply situation in eastern Oregon has improved a little because of a series of spring rainstorms, but it's still dire in certain parts.
Bill would allow farmers to be paid for improving water quality
A proposal that has been tabled for this year would allow farmers and ranchers to be paid to help other entities such as cities meet federally mandated water quality standards. Bill supporters plan to bring it back next year.
Rangen curtailment stay lifted
Idaho Department of Water Resources Director Gary Spackman has ruled groundwater pumpers affected by the Rangen, Inc., fish farm's water call fell short in their mitigation plan. Up to 38,000 cubic feet per second may be subject to curtailment on May 5...