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Oregon site selected for biofuel plant
Oregon biofuel project will produce fuel for U.S. Navy ships and planes.

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Environmentalists try to block timber salvage
Environmentalists try to block timber salvage
Environmentalistis are seeking an injunction against salvage logging of burned trees in Southern Oregon, alleging harm to the threatened spotted owl.
Counties receive payments for ESA limits
Two Southwest Washington counties received compensation for restrictions imposed by the Endangered Species Act, but the compensation fund is exhausted and counties say they still need help.
Forestry board continues work on stream buffers
The issue was raised by a 2011 study that found temperatures increasing in some salmon streams.
Oregon wildfire spending triggers insurance policy
State wildfire costs exceeded the $20 million deductible last July, and spending is now two-thirds of the way through the $25 million Lloyd’s of London insurance policy.
Board considers logging rules to protect salmon
The Department of Forestry is recommending the board go forward with analyzing the different logging prescriptions that would be needed to meet the cool water protection standards for small- and medium-sized streams with salmon, steelhead and bull trout,...